Rockleigh Country Club Wedding Cost

Rockleigh cc wedding cost is also the same as Rockleigh county club, the abbreviation for county club is the cc. the country club expenses for the wedding depending on the menu the bride and groom choose to serve people on their wedding day, and the decoration they picked but the average cost for each event cost $180 to $350 it will carry all the expenses with damages if there are no damages the money will be refunded back to the couple.

The wedding cost varies on how the bride and groom plan their event and how they want it to be, if they plan it well and have some people that do those things in their family and the person agrees to do it for them it will reduce the expenses and they will not spend up to $200 for the event and event will be well organized, depending on how the couple and bride want it, but decoration will be done by the country club staff and they will also make some provision of food, but some can be removed if the bride or groom family volunteer to bring the thing for the event, Like drinks, snacks and some food. 

Important Things To Know

That will cut the expenses down and make them pay less when they can use the money for their housekeep and house rent or buying clothes. And other unplanned money that will be coming up for them to buy and make provision for which they will not have a choice than to pay for it and not to make thing week them they can easily cut some payment like the wedding planning cost. The extra cost can also come in by requesting tax money which is why the bride needs to cut some things small like the customized menu, that when the family help will be highly appreciated and welcome by the bride and groom. Other expenses that can be cut off are the evening jazz club and Viennese table.

The days of the week for the wedding can also cut down the money to be paid someone that does the wedding on weekday expenses will be lesser than someone that does the wedding on a weekend. The couple that did a wedding on a working day can spend $180 while the people that do their own on weekends will spend up to $350. That one is good to do the ceremony according to your capacity but if you are from a rich family you have a parent that has a big company that can sponsor the event to any length then you don’t have to bother cutting the expenses off.

Choosing Venue To Use At Rockleigh Country Club

Rockleigh has a different venue for customers as they always want to give their customers the best and give them a suitable place for their standard and how they will love it. Rockleigh Country Club has three different chapels for the ceremony.

The Pavilion Chapel: the Pavilion can accommodate up to 900 guests with space for a dance floor

The Bristol Room Chapel: the Bristol can accommodate up to 300 guests and sitting of guests for like 200 plus guest

The Georgian Chapel: the Georgian Chapel is the largest and can accommodate millions of guests with a cocktail side, and a dancing floor.


Rockleigh Country Club is a good environment for the wedding but planning a wedding well within your capacity is very good and that is advisable as well not because you want to do a day wedding and put yourself into lifetime debt, doing a wedding with debt can even cause divorce because there won’t be peace or happiness each time they remember they have a wedding debt to pay, everything will be sorted before you know it, but if you didn’t is better you do what you are capable of and not put yourself into a lifetime debt you will always regret, a word is enough for the wise.

Will they refund the money for damages back?

Yes, they will refund money for damage back after the ceremony that is if they see nothing is broken or damaged, but if they find damaged things or broken things that are for them, the money will not be refunded back.

Will they provide a live band for the event?

They will surely provide a live bank if you requested it and the charges will be added to your bill and paid before the ceremony.

Can we make an order for extra drinks and food?

Yes, you can request extra drinks and food but you will be paid for it immediately.