Rocket VPN: Fast, Secure Android VPN App

However, a purpose of using VPNs differs from person to person as some use it for security purposes or some use it for accessing blocked websites and more. We would recommend trying “Rocket VPN” if you are using Android device. How to get started with Rocket VPN You’ll need to download Rocket VPN from this link. After that, you will have to grant the required permissions and you select “Allow” in order to use this app. After installation, you will be asked to select the desired location from which you want to access the Internet. If you select any virtual location, you will be asked a connection request, simply select OK. Once you do these simple things, you will see a key icon on the status bar which indicates the Rocket VPN is in use. Apart from VPN, Rocket VPN also allows you to surf the internet directly from their app without worries. You will see the browser option, once you open the app. You can set the desired location while browsing with their browser too. Design: As we already stated that Rocket VPN is a product of the top developer of Google Play “Liquidum”, its design is marvelous. The combination of colors makes it super cool. You will find all the required options on the homepage which means that you won’t need to peek through different pages of the app so as to access different functions. “Connect”, “Destination” and “Internet Browser” all are implemented on the homepage of the app. Besides this, you can track your usage from the homepage. Security: As far as security is concerned, Rocket VPN lets you browse the internet more confidently and securely as it lets Android users encrypt their private mobile data. It allows you to browse anonymously on the web and it will also prevent third parties from monitoring you. “Stay anonymous and avoid being tracked, even on Wi-Fi networks that aren’t secured” states the app’s description on Google Play. Brief Description: There are countless VPNs in use today but are they all user-friendly, no not at all. This is because some VPNs frequently crash and make the internet speed slow but Rocket VPN is more reliable VPN app on Google Play. It’s simple procedure makes it one of the most popular VPN app on Google Play and is loved by more than half million users. Any non-technical person can use Rocket VPN as the user won’t has to go through complex means to use it. You can select any default locations while using the Internet. Overview: Everything on the internet has some curbs, even Rocket VPN also has some limitations but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it without paying. You can use it without paying too but paid option is more reliable as a free version of everything may come with some cons. When you open the app, you will have to see some ads if you are using the free version. Moreover, you could get rid of all those ads if you go for pro version. Pricing: If you are using its free version, you will get 250 MB free data usage. However, if you think you need more data, then you can go for paid version and for that you will need to pay $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Conclusion: If you haven’t used any VPN till now, then I would recommend you to give a try to Rocket VPN app as it can be used by almost any Android user due to its simple UI. You will not regret after installing it, do comment your reviews about this app in the below comment section. Download Rocket VPN