Rocket Racoon joins the cast of Robert Downey Jr.’s Dolittle in a new fan-made poster. With his days of playing Iron Man now behind him (a rumored cameo in 2020’s Black Widow aside), Downey is gearing up for his first post-Avengers: Endgame movie. The film in question, Dolittle, is a re-imagining of the Doctor Dolittle character (as created by Hugh Lofting) that takes place in Victorian England and follows RDJ’s doctor - who can famously understand what animals are saying - on a grand adventure. It was actually scheduled to arrive prior to Endgame at one point, before being delayed.

Marketing for Dolittle kicked off in October with the first trailer, which seemed to go out of its way to try and trick people into believing it was for a live-action Disney fairy tale film. The movie’s promotional campaign has only gotten odder since then, starting with a football tie-in ad where RDJ mediates a fight between NFL mascots, and continuing with this week’s slate of characters posters (featuring an equally peculiar reunion between RDJ and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland). Now, renowned fan artist BossLogic is getting in on the fun.

Taking to Twitter, BossLogic has unveiled some fan-made Dolittle artwork that adds Bradley Cooper’s Rocket (from the Guardians of the Galaxy films) to the movie’s cast, along with a backstory that connects the project to the MCU. You can check it out, below.

Although this poster is (sadly) not real, fans did get to watch RDJ as Tony Stark interact with Rocket Raccoon earlier this year in Endgame, particularly during a scene where the pair and Hulk assemble the Infinity Stones into their own gauntlet. Plus, truth be told, Rocket showing up in Dolittle wouldn’t really make the movie feel any stranger than it already does. Universal has spent a whopping $175 million to bring Dolittle to life, prompting many to wonder if this one is destined to become the first major box office bomb of 2020. It’s not that the film necessarily looks terrible (more on that shortly); rather, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near enough demand for a new take on Doctor Dolittle to justify investing that much money, even with RDJ and a star-studded voice cast (as the animals) headlining.

Speaking of Dolittle’s quality, though, there’s reason to be concerned there, too. The film was written and directed by Oscar-winner Stephen Gaghan, but was delayed in order to undergo heavy reshoots last year, with Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) writing the new material and Jonathan Liebesman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) directing them. It’s believed Dolittle started out as a more somber and serious fantasy - hewing closer to Gaghan’s previous work on dramas like Traffic and Syriana - before its reshoots reshaped it into more of a whimsical and comedic kid-friendly offering. Of course, it’s entirely possible those reshoots could prove to be the thing that saves Dolittle in the end, so best to not write the movie off just yet.

Source: BossLogic

  • Doctor Dolittle Release Date: 2020-01-17