Unlike the real sport, in “Dropshot” you have get the ball to hit the ground on the opposing side. The floor will then fall away in hexagon shaped tiles and getting the ball into the hole will score you points.

While Rocket League was very focused on sports where the ball rolls (or skids in the case of hockey) along the floor, volleyball is all about aerial prowess. It’s about keeping the ball in the air and smashing it down to win the game. As such, players will need to ensure their aerial game is on point.

To allow for this new style of gameplay, a new arena has been built. Called “Core 707” this arena is split into two halves with each one representing one of Rocket Leagues two teams – red and blue.

Along with the new mode, “Dropshot” marks the start of Season 4 for Rocket League ranked matches.

“Dropshot” is playable in its own playlist, or through the Private and Exhibition modes. It’s due out on March 22, for all platforms.