A new game called Broomstick League is coming to Steam next month and it has taken some obvious inspirations from both Rocket League and Harry Potter. Both franchises have very little in common, but Broomstick League seems to have combined the two together in a game that seems equal parts ridiculous and intriguing.

One of the most interesting side stories of the Harry Potter series is Harry’s experience as a Quidditch player. Readers are given an in-depth explanation of the sport through the newcomer’s eyes. Basically the game has two teams vying against each other to throw balls through hoops. In that way, it is very similar to soccer, but the players are all riding flying brooms, there are several balls, and certain positions called Beaters carry large wooden clubs. The sport became so incredibly popular with fans that it even inspired real-world leagues – though for obvious reasons without the flying brooms.

Broomstick League definitely was inspired by Harry Potter’s Quidditch. PC Gamer reports that the players ride on brooms and try to throw the ball through the other team’s hoop. The player characters are also definitely wizards, as they carry wands that enable teleportation or knocking the ball out of an opponent’s hands. Players will not be able to chase down the Golden Snitch or spend time as a Beater in-game though. While this game is not an official piece of Harry Potter merchandise, players can most definitely see the inspiration.

The inspirations don’t stop with Harry Potter though. By watching the trailer it is immediately obvious that the title has taken some cues from Rocket League as well. The art style and the character’s movement bears a strong resemblance to the popular sporting title. The game modes have a lot of similarities as well with 1V1, 2V2, and 3V3 matches. The largest difference between the two titles seems to be the spells that players have access to and the minor stylistic changes.

Those who view the trailer can be forgiven for mistaking this game as either a new Rocket League mode or an official Harry Potter game. Broomstick League is basically as close as it can get to both franchises without violating any copyright laws. The title definitely doesn’t deny its influences, and frankly, it looks like it will wind up being a lot of fun. If anyone out there ever wanted to play Quidditch or finds that Rocket League is beginning to grow stale, Broomstick League could be the best thing for them.

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Broomstick League is coming to Steam Early Access on March 5th, 2020.

Source: PC Gamer