Rare and very rare items are available with their next update; these are a new set of items which are only available through online competitive matches between players. Items include themed items inspired by their meta theme which will be revealed sometime next week. Psyonix claim this is a surprise and fans will love it but have divulged there will be rare decals for cars and some very rare boost trails.

Answering their fans’ requests for multiple uncommon items in the garage over the last few months, the trade system mentioned above is their answer. It will be available in the next available patch, in June.

With the patch, players will be able to trade-in five duplicate uncommon and rare items at once to receive a single item of a higher quality. As a simple example, five uncommon items will result in receiving a single rare item.

(An image showing the trade-in system)

In order to access the trade-in system, after it’s implemented, Psyonix recommends navigating to the “manage inventory” option in the garage sub-menu. From there, players simply select the items to trade-in, then confirm.

The developer mentions they will be planning to implement player-to-player trading in a later update. Some items, like those with painted or certified attributes, may become more valuable if traded with other players. The trade-in system, the developers add, is designed for players to remove unwanted or duplicate items. Finally, they advise caution when considering what players trade now compared to what players may keep for future trading opportunities.

There will be another reveal next week concerning the June update.