This update will also be bringing new Accelerator crates that are stuffed with exotic items. These crates can only be opened with special Decryptor keys that you can acquire by completing certain in-game objectives. In this Rocket League guide, we’ll go over how to get these Decryptors and what you’ll be able to loot from the Accelerator crates that they open. 

How to Get Decryptors in Rocket League

Decryptors are a new type of key that can be used to unlock any type of crate in Rocket League. Unlike similar keys in past updates, these can be earned by taking part in the limited-time events that should drop some time after the patch goes online. That means there’s no need to buy your keys anymore – Decryptors are basically free keys if you just play the game.

Because this is the case, keep in mind that you will not be able to trade items from the crates unlocked with the help of Decryptors anymore, as that would contradict the goal of Rocket League’s markets. Not only will the items be untradeable, but the keys themselves will be untradeable as well.

Still, it’s a very good deal that will let you earn up to three free Decryptors at every event, which may unlock some cool new items from the Accelerator crates.

What’s In the Accelerator Crates in Rocket League?

If you manage to get at least one Decryptor key during an online event, you will have the chance to unlock a brand new Accelerator crate. Doing so gives you a chance at obtaining one of the six new items, including a fantastic new battle-car.

Here’s the complete list of items included in the Accelerator crate:

Pearlescent paint finish (Rare) Hot Rocks trail (Very Rare) Power-shot boost (Import) Chrono wheels (Exotic) Popcorn goal explosion (Black Market) Jäger 619 RS (Battle-car)

The new battle-car is clearly inspired by Porsche models GT3 and GT4 – a favorite of many racing fans that is hinted at in the car’s official game slogan:

That’s all the info we’ve got on the Decryptors and Acelerator crates from the Autumn update! All that’s left to do now is to prepare well for the next ranked season with the help of our other Rocket League guides here on GameSkinny:

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