Rocket League fans want Tesla to let its new electric Cybertruck be added to the game, and they’ve petitioned CEO Elon Musk to make it happen. Tesla revealed the odd, angular Cybertruck earlier this November.

Rocket League may be a four-year-old game, but its fans still play it voraciously. Since its launch in 2015, developer Psyonix has supported Rocket League with new modes and seasonal events, but also many cosmetic DLC crossovers. In October, Psyonix held a Rocket League Stranger Things crossover, and the game has added many iconic movie and TV vehicles to the game, like the Batman v Superman Batmobile and the Jurrassic Park Jeep. There have been so many crossovers that it’s not out of the question for any vehicle to make its way into Rocket League, but the Cybertruck happens to fit particularly well.

As soon as it was revealed, gamers began to point out that the Cybertruck looks like it’s from a video game. People quickly put it into their favorite games old and new, creating Cyberpunk 2077 Cybertruck memes and a Goldeneye 007 Cybertruck mod. The Rocket League community apparently noticed, too: Fan Nikki Luzader has created a petition to get the Cybertruck into the game, saying they will contact Tesla if it reaches 1,000 signatures, while other fans have already modded it into the game (as shared by Platypun on Twitter). As of this writing, the petition has just over 920 signatures. The mod seems to confirm concerns of Rocket League fans on Reddit, who discussed the Cybertruck’s potential to have an extra-long, possibly over-powered hitbox.

While a petition isn’t likely to do much to convince Tesla to get the Cybertruck into Rocket League, it’s not like Musk doesn’t have a history with gaming. Musk revealed at E3 2019 that Tesla cars will get a racing game drivers can play with the steering wheel, as well as a port of hyper-difficult platformer Cuphead (playable with a controller, not the wheel). While this will come sometime in the future, Tesla vehicles already have certain Atari games on-board, including Super Breakout and Missile Command. Additionally, Musk even directly addressed the Cyberpunk/Cybertruck comparisons after the official Cyberpunk 2077 twitter account commented on Musk’s Cybertruck reveal tweet, Musk replied “See you in 2077.”

Despite all of this, a Cybertruck appearance in any game is unlikely. Still, it’s hard to deny how well the Cybertruck’s ridiculous shape fits in with various game worlds. If anything, the Cyberpunk 2077 crossover seems more feasible, since Tesla would probably want to budget its attention to one of the most anticipated games of the generation rather than to an indie game from 2015. Unfortunately for Rocket League fans, the Cybertruck’s virtual car-inspired design will likely be staying in the real world.

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Rocket League released on July 7, 2015 and is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nikki Luzader/, Platypun/Twitter