Jeremy Dunham, VP, Marketing and Communications at Psyonix, recently said that while a full blown port to the NX is not on the table as of yet, it could be if they deem the NX a fit for the game. 

Dunham revealed that bringing Rocket League to the NX would be identical to if they were to bring the title to the rumored PS4K. If it fits the NX, then it sounds as if Rocket League could be introduced to the Nintendo audience. However, Dunham did warn that time spent trying to make Rocket League for a new system would take time away from working and adding to the original game. Regardless, Rocket League has become a huge hit – and if Psyonix deems the NX a fit for its phenomenally fun game then it will only get bigger.

What are your thoughts on Rocket League possibly being available for the NX? Do you also find it a little odd that we are talking about a game releasing for a system that has yet to be revealed? Will Rocket League take over the world? Rocket League is available for PS4 and Xbox One.