Players who download the Switch version of Rocket League will have access to two exclusive battle cars: the Mario/Luigi NSR and the Samus Gunship.

To access the cars, players must complete special in-game requirements. Both cars come in an orange team and blue team version. For the Mario car, it’s a Mario theme for the orange team and a Luigi theme for the blue team. For the Samus car, the orange team aesthetic features Samus’ traditional suit while the blue team version is Zero Suit inspired.

Rocket League on the Switch will have cross-platform compatibility with Xbox 360, Mac, Linux and Windows players will be able to have matches with other people on those platforms. Unfortunately, PlayStation is not included because Sony isn’t allowing cross-platform play due to concerns about player safety on non-PlayStation platforms.

Besides the new cars, Rocket League will have all of the content, modes and features found in the other versions of the game. Look for it when it drops Nov. 14 on the Nintendo eShop.