What is Rockauto?

Rockauto is a family-owned online business established in 1999 by automotive engineers with two objectives: Uncover details that have been hidden underneath the automotive parts shop counter by displaying all available components and product details on RockAuto.com.

Rockauto makes auto parts cheaper by staying a strict internet retailer, the company has no retail stores, no store people, and they don’t have a great deal of money locked up in sluggish inventory. The Company passes these savings on to their customers in the form of reduced prices, so vehicles of all eras can be dependable and enjoyable to drive.

Rockauto Commercial Account

As of now, there is no information related to the Rockauto Commercial Account, instead, you can search for the different accounts offered by Rockauto. You could only find a simple account that can be created with the help of your email id. And it is not mandatory to create an account to purchase auto parts from Rockauto. The accounts are an additional feature that allows the customers to keep track of their previous orders and make it simpler to shop for different components.

What are the advantages of registering an account?

A user’s account can be created in less than five minutes and allows them to order components quickly and manage past purchases more easily! If one has previously made purchases, all previous orders made with the identical email address used to sign up for the account will be instantly synchronized to your account for quick access. If the customer has orders from a distinct email address, they can add them to their account, they can also change their email account and language preferences with the help of a valid Rockauto account.

Does the company provide business special offers or payment terms?

Rockauto does not provide special offers or payment systems to businesses because they provide the lowest prices to every consumer, regardless of the number of orders. However, the company has a discount program for regular customers to display their gratitude for loyal customers. The company will shoot an email with a discount code nearly one month after the customer places orders (every time!). The discount code can be used numerous times until it lapses.

How to Create a Rockauto Account?

Rockauto is a certified US company with headquarters in Wisconsin. Although their website appears to be from the early 1990s, numerous people have bought cheap OEM components from RockAuto.com with no problems. Rockauto is a discount automotive part in Madison, Wisconsin that was established in 1999. The company has a blended public image. However, if the customer wants to purchase the spare parts from Rockauto it is suggested to make an account and proceed with the purchase as it will help them to make the purchase smoothly and efficiently. 

The steps to create the account are as follows:

  1. In the top corner of RockAuto.com, tap the “Log In or Create Account” link.

Select the “Create Account” option.

  1. Fill in your email id and the security code displayed in the image, and then press the “Submit” button.

  2. Go to your mailbox, then tap the link in the email to verify you want to open a new account.  Once it’s done you will be able to sign in and generate a password.

Rockauto is one of the most popular companies in the U.S that ships cheap and cost-effective spare automotive parts to the different people in the country. Rockauto carries a wide variety of parts, ranging from cheap basic parts to major brand components. Regarding Rockauto Commercial Account there is no update as of now however, the normal account for Rockauto is used by most of the customers.

1.  Is Rockauto a reputable company?

Ans: Yes, Rockauto is a completely legitimate company and safe to purchase from. Even though their website appears to be from the early 1990s, many people have purchased cheap products from RockAuto.com.

  1. Are Rockauto Parts Reliable?

Ans: Yes, Rockauto components are usually of high quality. They seem to be the same parts that you would purchase from a large parts retail shop; you are simply purchasing the part right from a supplier rather than going through a mediator.

  1. I’ve previously ordered but am unable to access my account!

Ans: Accounts are not generated automatically when users place an order. You may receive an error code if your email account does not have an associated Rockauto account or if you enter the wrong password.

  1. Is it necessary to create an account before placing an order?

Ans: No, accounts are an additional feature that allows you to record your purchase histories and make it simpler to shop for different components.