Rochelle Hager, otherwise called Roe, was a TikTok star who might frequently post normal TikTok recordings on her page. Aside from her recordings, she was very vocal about being a piece of the LGBTQ+ people group. Frequently, Hager posted recordings with her admirer of her life Brittanie.

Indeed, a few was cherished by numerous TikTok crowds. She was adulated for two part harmonies on her TikTok. In addition, Hager additionally used to posts video content with Brittanie’s child and their charming affection venture.

As of late, Rochelle Hager died in an auto crash which was affirmed by her accomplice Brittanie Lynn. We as a whole grieve for the deficiency of Roe and offer accolades for the expired and sympathies to the influenced family.

Rochelle Hager passes by the username @Roeurboat3 in TikTok. Hager was a famous TikTok star who was immensely adulated for two part harmonies video and adorable recordings with her accomplice, Brittanie, and a child.

— TG Time (@tvguidetime) March 30, 2021

Rochelle Hager, 31, of Waterville, Maine, died at the scene because of a fender bender before responders showed up at the scene on March 29. As per WMTV News, Roe unfortunately died in a fender bender when solid successes caused a tree limb to fall on Roe’s vehicle. Truth be told, Farmington police uncover that the biggest branch arrived on the top of Roe’s vehicle, which drove her to death.

This demise has caused a ton of companions, family, and fanatics of Hager such a lot of hurt. Rochelle Hager’s eulogy was distributed on a few locales. It incorporates The Arts of Entertainment,, etc. Rochelle was very content with her accomplice, Brittanie Lynn.

Likewise, Roe and Brittanie were adorable couples who habitually share TikTok recordings on Roe’s TikTok page. They were profoundly adulated by the crowd advertisement additionally shown love for couple content on TikTok. There is no data about Rochelle’s folks up until now. Her family is in profound distress after her passing.