In a mystery for next Sunday’s Sister Spouses: One on One extraordinary, Robyn tends to how she’s wound up as Kody’s primary wife — even in a plural marriage.

“They gave him to me and said ‘We would rather not invest energy with him, essentially’” Robyn said of her sister spouses.

For certain years, Robyn has been viewed as the “most loved spouse” in the family. Christine Brown made sense of the idea during the season 17 debut.  “I think he has a most loved spouse and that is the reason this is all as is it,” Christine said as her, presently past, relationship with Kody fragmented. “Furthermore, clearly, I’m not treating her all around ok.”

Christine added, “I feel like to Kody, Robyn’s more significant, positively than I’m. What’s more, I’ve been an unnecessary extra person throughout recent years. Also, I know it and everyone knows it. It’s miserable and it sucks, yet my relationship with Kody isn’t as significant. It’s not. Regardless of what he says it isn’t.” Kody will address the case that he holds Robyn in a higher position than his different spouses during his performance plunk down interview — however he refers to the request as “the most unreasonable inquiry.”

One big uncover in the mystery affirms that Janelle Brown has isolated from Kody — his second spouse to leave the plural marriage in the previous year.

In November 2021, Christine declared her choice to leave the marriage. Janelle affirmed she and Kody have additionally been isolated for “a while” at the hour of the One on One shooting.

That leaves Kody with two spouses: Robyn and Meri Brown, with whom Kody no longer has a heartfelt or sexual relationship.

Sister Spouses season 17 airs Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. ET on attention.