Maxim Integrated used two robots to demonstrate its new three-axis gyroscope, which was announced at Mobile rld Congress this week—a clever way to show off a not-so-exciting piece of technology.

Gyroscopes are built into smartphones help determine the phone’s orientation, for instance, if it’s being held in lscape or portrait orientation, or how far away from its users’ face it is. Maxim Integrated’s MAX21000 gyroscope features a silicon MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) sensor that is ultra-sensitive to temperature, time, location. The robots were placed in a vertical pendulum position rocked back forth on their own; one robot was powered by the MAX21000, a different gyroscope powered the other. ile the motion between the two was similar, if you looked close enough, you could see a rocky stutter as the non-Maxim robot changed course. The Maxim team designed the gyroscope to be used in smartphones tablets for mobility apps, orientation, optical image stabilization. Get more GeekTech: Twitter – Facebook – RSS | Tip us off