Recently, we have also seen, a public sector in the United Kingdom reported that Robots could replace 250,000 civil servants and it is just the beginning. Back in 2015, Wanda Holbrook who was a maintenance technician was trapped by robotic machinery and killed. This incident happened while she was performing her routine duties on an assembly line at Ventra Ionia Main. Wanda Holbrook’s job was to inspect and adjust the process on the assembly line at Ventra, which makes bumpers and trailer hitches. According to Quartz Media, “Holbrook was in the plant’s six-cell “100 section” when a robot unexpectedly activated, taking her by surprise. The cells are separated by safety doors and the robot should not have been able to move. But it somehow reached Holbrook, and was intent on loading a trailer-hitch assembly part right where she stood over a similar part in another cell.” “The machine loaded the hardware onto Holbrook’s head. She was unable to escape, and her skull was crushed. “ According to the reports from Quartz, Wanda Holbrook’s husband, Willian Holbrook filed a death complaint. The Michigan federal court names the five robotics companies that are responsible for the integration of machines and parts used in the plant. The lawsuit says “The robot from section 130 should have never entered section 140, and should have never attempted to load a hitch assembly within a fixture that was already loaded with a hitch assembly. A failure of one or more of defendants’ safety systems or devices had taken place, causing Wanda’s death,” Willian Holbrook claimed that the robots that are installed by the companies were not “properly designed, manufactured or tested, and not fit for use.” The case is currently awaiting trial. However, the lawsuit argues that the companies who are responsible for this mishappening should be held liable and forced to pay the damages. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.