Well, in January this year we have seen Google’s AI defeats human experts in Lip-Reading. So, all suggests that robotics and Artificial intelligence are advancing. Well, some critics have to say that such rapid changes can lead to widespread job losses. In February this year, we have seen Robots manages to beats the Google’s captcha test and makes himself count as human. Recently, a robot named Sub1 Reload solved the famous Rubik’s Cube puzzle in just 0.637 seconds which is less that a minute. The previous record of Sub1 was 0.887 seconds. So, it had beaten its record by solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle in just 0.637 seconds. After verifying that the scrambled cube met the requirements of the World Cube Association and several other things. The Guinness World Record has confirmed that Robot Sub1 Reloaded has created a new world record. The robot uses six motors that are connected to each side of the cube, and it just took 21 moves to twist and turn the sides after its camera shutters opened. You can even watch the video uploaded by Guinness World Records.

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