The Island of Misfit Toys gets re-imagined as only Robot Chicken can in an exclusive new clip from season 10 of the Adult Swim series. The long-running stop-motion satire has lampooned everything from Super Friends to Star Wars to The Walking Dead, and now the series is turning its one red eye toward a holiday film staple, spoofing the similarly animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and its titular character’s journey to the aforementioned misfit toy island. 

With the holidays just around the corner it’s no surprise to see Robot Chicken take aim at something like Rudolph, which has been an almost mandatory Christmastime viewing experience for decades. Moreover, with its musical numbers and infectious earnestness, the Rankin/Bass film may be considered by some an animated classic, but it’s also a prime target for a series like Robot Chicken, which will poke fun at just about anything, if given the chance. 

But in the exclusive clip, it’s clear that while Robot Chicken is having fun with Rudolph’s setup, it’s not exactly poking fun at the original film. Instead, the series is more concerned with the somewhat lax oversight in the toy manufacturing industry — the kind that results in recalls for toys that are both dangerous and absentmindedly lewd, as the Buzz Lightyear drinking cup and a Tarzan figure with an unfortunate, let’s say, arm movement demonstrate. Check out the clip from Robot Chicken season 10 below:

As far as memorable segments go, ‘The Island of Recalled Toys’ is an ambitious one. Not only did the show’s creators manage to recall (sorry) and animate some of the best bad toys in recent memory — like a foul-mouthed Elmo and the aforementioned Buzz and Tarzan items — but they also brought back some classics, like the lethal Lawn Dart and the super-hot Easy-Bake Oven. Moreover, the show came up with a pretty funny sing-a-long tune that viewers can enjoy with their little ones this holiday season. 

All in all, it’s a pretty great sendup of some bad toys. And if toy companies continue to make ill-advised and flat-out dangerous products, Robot Chicken will have a wealth of content to make fun of for years to come. That is to say: fans can look forward to Robot Chicken having a wealth of content to make fun of for years to come. 

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Robot Chicken Season 10 airs Sundays @12:00am & 12:15am ET/PT on Adult Swim.