Robot Chicken

Plenty of people find this so funny, while others consider it as violent. The show marks comment  on different videos, movies, and toys. The show can be viewed through Hulu app. Prime Video ,HBO Max, Holo play and adult swim  and these are all the period subscription channels in which you have to pay monthly according to the plan that you have chosen according to your budget. It is an American show which portrays adult animated emotions. It was created in 2005 by Seth Green and Matthew senreich. It’s  voice cast contains voice of many famous voice action And celebrities such as

Jordan Allen, Dutton.  Candace bulley.  Carly baker Alex Borstein Rachael Leigh cook. And many others.

 It has a total of 220 episode with eleven specials in it. It has won 2 annie awards and six emmy Awards. The show contains various scenes which are quite disturbing, such as in the episode of Hemlock, gin and juice. Here a girl named Dora the Explorer is seen who is a 15,  year old and she is found drinking and consuming drugs, which is an indecent. Seeing. To be shown on Internet, this portrays a rebellious  stage. Most of the people like such scenes, As they expose serious issues with the help of jokes, the show crosses the Boundary and shows adult content.

It is considered as 14+

 The reason behind the rating is that it is a  Tv-MA which may include sex related scenes,  un descent language and violence which are not suggested for children below 14 that’s why it is rated as 14+ 

Why it is considered less funny now?

People like to watch the new episodes since the quality has not remained the same and it’s comedy is getting absurd  and the humor is quite disturbing to.

Reasons why you should also watch this show: 

It conveys a message :

people get attached to this show Because of its humor, which makes it funny, It is a better way to receive depression and anxiety. It has never create dose of good. Humor. It shows the reality of today’s society through animation and teaches right through the wrong.


The creative mind the show is set Green, who is almost loved by everyone. We all love his direction production. This show includes him and others, green senreich and breaking meter are also in it. since it is a stop animation , so  it requires multiple places to be shot at the same time and they operate on 20 different stages for each episode in the same way many celebrities voices are used for the episodes which are different from how to speak in real.

Main characters:

Robot chicken:

It was a Cyborg chicken with a Red laser eye and was first seen on  Highway. 9. He originally lived on an old man farm, the mad scientist took him away. And performed several experiments on him and in the last episode he gets freedom with the help of the maid  kills his creator.


Is the wife of robot chicken she has blond hair and wears red lipstick. She gets kidnapped by the mad scientist and then robot chicken saves her life by killing the mad scientist.

Mad scientist:

The one who invented robot chicken he has wild hair, and gets killed by the robot chicken 

Mad scientist son :

Is a 32 years old son, he plans to kidnap robot chicken and asks for ransom.

Is it worth it to be Watched?

It is a great show for those who are watching it from the beginning and those who love their culture. It has an idea of stop motion. That’s why it is more appreciated.


Overall it is a fantastic show for the ones who have good humor and can easily understand the timing of the comic.

Q1 How many seasons exist of this show?

In total, there are eleven seasons of this show. 

Q 2. Did the show cancel?

No the last time it was aired on  2021. 

Q3. Has robot cricket announced its 12 th season?

No, it has not yet been announced