This month we have seen how Google’s AI defeats human experts in Lip-Reading. So, Artificial intelligence and robotics are advancing, and at the same time, some critics say that rapid advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) can simply lead to widespread job losses. Sounds creepy right, as it should be. However, this time a robot managed to pass the Google’s Captcha test and make himself count as a human. Well, you might be knowing about Google’s reCAPTCHA which is used to distinguish between humans and robots. You might think about Artificial intelligence, but let me tell you, that a human actually controls the robot and it has no link with AI (Artificial Intelligence). However, the robot managed to pass to crack Google’s reCAPTCHA test in a breeze. So, now it is crystal clear that robots can do anything and clearly shown that nothing is impossible. You can check out the video which shows Robot beating “I am not a Robot” captcha of Google. Moreover, apart from all these things we can assume that either robotics will simply build and develop a clean and advanced world or else it will simply destroy everything related to humans. So, what do you think about this advancing technology? Share your views in the comment box below.