Although there have been several attempts to end the scourge that is Robocalls. However, they have not been as fruitful and the participation of the larger population would be crucial to making a significant difference. Fortunately, new regulations have made it possible to report the spammers and make money while at it. We will explore how to go about this, but first, we need to understand what robocalls are and how they work.

What exactly are robocalls and how do they operate?

Robocalls are auto-dialed phone calls that play pre-recorded messages for unsuspecting users with the intent to sell you a product or, in most cases, steal from you. Robocaller uses a voice-over-internet protocol, which permits them to make several calls within a short timeframe. Although some of them are legal such as informational robocalls on charity or political messages rallying for support, others such as scammers and telemarketers are illegal unless they have your consent.

Effects of Robocalls.

Robocalls lead to a huge amount of financial loss, with scammers accessing personal user information. In 2019 alone, Americans reported a whopping 1.8 billion $ loss from robocall scammers. In 2021, the number of reported telemarketing calls was over 5 million. This is an increase of about 1 million from the 4 million reported in 2020.

Robocalls as a source of revenue.

Making money from robocalls has become somewhat of a side hustle with people making up to 15,000$ from filing a suit against these annoying callers. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, all entities require consumer permission before making any automated calls. If they proceed without it, they owe you at least 500 $, and up to 1500$ per call, if your number is registered under the national do not call registry.

So, how do you cash in on these calls?

Firstly, when you receive the robocall, you would have to accept the call. This is necessary for collecting enough information about the companies to lay the groundwork for a lawsuit. The most important details are the company name, address, and call-back number. It is crucial to document the call, so you can have evidence that will hold up in court. Once you have garnered all the aforementioned resources, you can proceed sending a demand letter.

What resources do you need to make money from Robocalls?

Two approaches could work for you depending on your preference. The first would be to hire a consumer lawyer, who will guide you in the process of filing a claim and getting you compensation for the breach of privacy. The other option would be to use online DIY kits that will assist you to handle the process on your own. It is important to note, that you do need to have relevant information about the company for a suit or claim to be viable.

How does the law support the mitigation of Robocalls Cash?

In June 2021, the Robocall mitigation act became active. This means that the FCC expects all communication service providers to implement a robocall mitigation step on their Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) network or be subject to penalties.

Robocalls are a persistent nuisance to a majority of Americans and are used to taking advantage of unsuspecting people, especially those with little to no knowledge of the internet, like the elderly. Any step towards accountability is long overdue. It may not be an easy process, but it sends a message to others that consumers are watching and are willing and able to fight back.

What standard steps should you take when you receive a robocall?

If you do receive a call without your permission, you should hang up and report the call to the national do not call registry and the Federal Trade Commission, so they can follow up on your complaint.

How do you determine whether a call is a robocall?

Usually, these calls are usually from companies to that you have not granted any consent. They could be selling you products for free or at a ridiculously low price. Most times, you will hear an automated message requesting you to press a key on your phone.

How can I block robocalls?

You could use various applications in the play store or the apple store. T- Mobile provides a scam shield service that works by dialing #662# and is free to all its customers.

How do you stop robocalls indefinitely?

You could register your line in the National do not call registry. It is completely free and requires companies to have your consent before calling.