Players need to talk to dedicated trainer NPCs that will challenge you to complete three tasks: moving boulders, overcoming parkour obstacles, and sparring. Every time you complete such a challenge you will unlock one of the five sets of breathing styles currently available in the game.

Water Breathing

Water Breathing is currently the best style you can get, so let’s start with it. You can earn it by speaking to Water Trainer located at the south-western corner of the map near the waterfall.

Once you speak to him you will be directed to the training grounds where you need to complete all the tasks in order to earn the following three Water Breathing styles:

Water Surface Slash Water Wheel Flowing Dance

The best part about Water Breathing is that there are almost no cooldowns on your styles. You can just keep activating them one after another creating some amazing combos.

Flame Breathing

Flame Breathing is very similar to Water Breathing in many ways but using the fire element. It’s really easy to find the Flame Trainer, since he stands right near spawn in the southern part of the main street.

If you can complete all the training challenges he gives you, then you will earn the following three Flame Breathing styles:

Unknowing Fire Rising Scorching Sun Blooming Flame Undulation

The second style is especially strong, as it creates a swirling cloud of fire that decimates everything in your path. Although the cooldowns aren’t as quick as in the Water Breathing, it’s a great set of styles nonetheless.

Thunder Breathing

In the north-western part of the town you will find a bridge that can take you to the wild forest region of the map. Right after you cross the bridge just keep following the western route and soon you will come to the mountain.

Start climbing up using the platforms and soon you will arrive at a hut with a Thunder Trainer, who can teach you three Thunder Breathing styles:

Thunderclap Heat Lightning Rice Spirit

Since all three styles are very powerful and make up for some very fast attacks, they consume lots of breathing stamina.

Wind Breathing

Wind Breathing can be earned at the same location as Thunder Breathing, but you need to go even higher atop the mountain from the Thunder Trainer’s hut.

You should soon arrive at a dead end with lots of rocks around and Wind Trainer waiting for you in the open. Complete his challenges and earn the following three styles:

Whirlwind Claws-Purifying Wind Clean Storm Wind Tree

This breathing will fit players who like to defeat demons in a ranged mode. The power of the wind will spread out into the distance dealing damage.

Moon Breathing

While the previous four breathing styles are available to all players, the Moon breathing can be unlocked only by the members of the Tsugikuni clan. You can purchase the membership using Robux currency or through giveaways.

The Moon Trainer can be reached via the waterfall near the Water Trainer’s hut. You need to climb up across the waterfall and follow the route to the mansion on the other side. You can find the trainer at the backyard and unlock the following three breathing styles:

Evening Palace Calamitous Eddy Moonlit Misfortune

The latter one is a very powerful AoE attack that sends three waves of projectiles in any desired direction, which is excellent for crowd control.

The development team behind Roblox Wisteria also prepares the release of the new Sun Breathing style, which will only be available to the members of another premium clan: the clan of Kamado. However, there is no official release date yet.

That’s all you need to know on how to get all types of breathing in Roblox Wistera. For more Roblox tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

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