Some of the names below are totally new additions to the game, so it may take you a while before you can unlock them. Once you level them up, you’ll have some of the strongest units on your hands.

Roblox Tower Defense Shinobi: S-Tier Units


Max Damage: 1298 Max Range: 90

Right now Kumo, the newest character from the Naruto anime, is heading the unit charts due to his extreme damage and range, as well as a relatively cheap upgrade and leveling prices.

However, don’t try to roll Kumo at a Ramen Shop. The only way to get him is through the Challenge mode rewards.


Max Damage: 2321 Max Range: 28

Shukkaku has almost twice as much damage as Kumo, but his range could be better. Still, it is the strongest unit in the game that utilizes full and conal AoE attacks.

Shukkaku is a secret unit, which means that you can get one via the Ramen Shop (Fishcake Summon), but the chance of getting him is extremely low.


Max Damage: 770 Max Range: 23

Jiraiya’s stats may not look too impressive, but he is currently the only unit with a slowing effect, which can be unlocked right after the first upgrade already. He also has extremely low cooldown times.

Also, having a cone AoE as his main attack helps put him into the top-tier spot.

A-Tier Units


Max Damage: 799 Max Range: 30

This 5-star Hinata unit is by far the best starting unit you can get due to her initial damage of 456. It’s the highest base damage in the game, even though she got nerfed after the last update. Once you level her up to the max level, she becomes even stronger.

The only arguable drawback is that Hinata is a single-target unit with no AoE attack of her own.


Max Damage: 629 Max Range: 25

Better known as the Snek, this is the best Poison unit in TD Shinobi. His ability can be unlocked at the very first upgrade, and the best part about it is that Poison damage scales along with normal damage, meaning that his Poison attacks get stronger along with his physical damage.

Although Orochimaru can potentially insta-kill enemies, his stats are not too high. He’s also rather cheap if sold.


Max Damage: 896 Max Range: 25

At the beginning, Kakashi’s base damage will be really low, at around 190 points. But you will already have access to stun damage, which is his best trait, and you can upgrade him to a rather significant amount of damage at the end.

Teen Tent

Max Damage: 703 Max Range: 50

Teen Tent has an incredibly impressive range, which is overshadowed only by Kumo’s. The best part is that you gain that range right from the beginning.

Of course, if you need higher damage, which is only 145 points at start, then you will have to sacrifice some of that range in the end.

B-Tier Units


Max Damage: 1474 Max Range: 28

Matatabi is a unit and a mount, just like Shukkaku. It has significant power, but its range is quite short.

But what makes it worse than some other units on our list is the high price of upgrades. For example, just the first level upgrade will cost you $2,000.


Max Damage: 675 Max Range: 35

Madara has perfectly fine stats for a mid-tier unit, but its real value is hidden in his AoE burn damage that also has an above-average range.

His starting stats are quite low and you will have to build him up, as his base damage is just a tad above 100 points.

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