This guide will explain how to make and sell art in Roblox Starving Artists. The game doesn’t clearly tell players how to assign a price on their work, so read our guide below and learn the process from start to finish.

How to Make Art in Roblox Starving Artists

Claim Your Booth

Before you can actually sell your art you need to make one. So follow these steps to begin the process of creating art:

Start Roblox Starving Artists Find any booth at the starting area that says “UNCLAIMED” Interact with the booth by pressing “E” key Open the “Booth Customization” menu Give your booth a name and press “DONE”

Make Your Art

After connecting your booth to your Roblox ID, you can start creating art by doing the following:

Click on any empty painting in your booth Create your art using in-game tools Press “Next” once finished Give your art a title Press “Finish” to confirm

Now you have created an art in Roblox Starving Artists, which you can set up for selling.

How to Sell Art in Roblox Starving Artists

The process of selling art is trickier than making it. After creating an art piece, players need to attach their art to a shirt and give it a price.

Upload a Template

Here’s what you need to do to be able to sell art:

Leave Roblox Starving Artists Go to Roblox website Select “Create” in the top menu Select “Manage My Experiences” feature Go to “Shirts” tab Download the template and save it on your device Upload the downloaded template for 10 Robux

Configure Your Price

Once the template has been named and uploaded, you need to configure its price by doing the following:

Click on the wheel button next to your shirt Select “Configure” option Go to “Sales” tab Check “Item for Sale” field Type in the price you want to sell your art for in Robux Press “Save” to confirm

Sell Your Art

Finally, you can start selling your art in Starving Artists:

Start Roblox Starving Artists Go to your booth Click on the empty painting Select the art you wish to sell from the list Select your shirt from the “Choose Your Price!” menu Press “DONE” to confirm

Now your art will be a part of the exposition at your booth with a price tag on it. If anyone wishes to buy your art, they can do it right from your booth, and all the earnings will go to your account.

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Now you know how to make and sell art in Roblox Starving Artists. For more guides and other Roblox-related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.