The guide below provides you with a tier list of the best Shikai in Roblox Soul War. You will find out about their best moves and abilities, as well as how to use them in the best possible way.

Roblox Soul War: S-Tier Shikai


Beast, also known as Zabimaru, is an all-rounder when it comes to Shikai weapons in Roblox Soul War. It has a solid targeted attack Claw Marks and an AoE when using Inner Beast attack. You can even teleport with the help of Primal Instinct.

Also, when you use Inner Beast, all your Shikai skills get a serious boost, which not only increases your damage but also turns your attacks into guardbreaks, which is just as important.


This Shikai is more complex than Beast and requires more training, but once it is mastered, you basically become invincible.

The main slashing attack Ashes is solid but nothing special. However, the other two moves, Dust and Rotten World, provide the main advantages to this sword. The first allows you to effectively evade any and all melee attacks, while the second creates an AoE of poisonous gas. On top of that, your attacks cause negative status effects like stun and blindness.

A-Tier Shikai


Justice is another peculiar weapon that has the ability to not only deal damage but also heal you and make you invincible. Guilty allows you to shoot an energy projectile, dealing heavy damage, and if you receive damage yourself, Innocent restores your HP.

Lastly, Justice’s best ability is Abstain, which makes you immune to damage for a few seconds, and that’s more than enough to execute your own combo.

Black Hole

This is a very powerful Shikai, but it can be really hard to use, and many players will find it highly inconvenient. All of its attacks have a slight delay, which makes it hard to control.

If you use Supernova, you will have to wait before it explodes, or if you create Spatial Vacuum, then you need to lure enemies into it. But despite its drawbacks, Black Hole can still be a very effective weapon.


Also known as Tobiume, this Shikai has some interesting combos that you may want to try out.

Both of its best moves are based on status effects, such as Poisonous Touch and Spreading Vine. The latter delivers a heavy stun, which renders opponents completely useless for several seconds. Unfortunately, other Nature moves are not as exciting.

B-Tier Shikai


String has a very underwhelming main attack but a very strong AoE and pull effect, which can serve as an excellent combo starter. The whole strength of this Shikai is in its String Release attack, which unloads an unbelievable amount of strings striking everything around you.

If you want to catch an evading enemy, then use Pull String to force your opponent towards you.


Unlike String, this Shikai has a very strong main attack, Aerial Lunge, which deals multiple cuts to a single enemy.

Unfortunately, its AoE, Storm’s Eye, is not as good as those of the other weapons. Athough it deals a lot of damage if it connects, the direction of the Eye cannot be changed, and there is no stun effect. That’s why it’s only B-tier.


The final weapon on our tier list has only one really good attack, which is Distorted World. It can be well-used to both counterattack your opponent’s moves and teleport behind their back and stun them.

But both its evasive move and targeted attack are subpar, and will not deliver the expected results in most cases.

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Those are the best Shikai in Roblox Soul War. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.