Our guide will provide you with tips on how to level up fast in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator. You will learn which Chao is the best, which Trails give the most XP, and what path to follow, if you want to collect the most amount of gems and rings.

How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Choose the Best Chao

Chaos are pet companions that can help you collect much more XP than you would typically otherwise. So getting a good Chao is the key to success in this game, and to level up fast.

You can find the best Chao on top of a loop found next to a yellow 1,500 XP ring in the spawn area. You will notice a vending machine with a huge ‘CHAO’ sign. Go up there and purchase Jewel Gold Chao for 1,200 rings.

It is recommended to purchase more than one, and then Evolve them through the Pets menu. If you did everything right, your Jewel Gold Chao will add extra 25 XP and bonus 5 rings, or 125 XP and 25 rings when evolved. You should definitely have one if you’re trying to level up fast.

Choose the Best Trail

In addition to Chao pets, players can utilize Trails, special items to help level up fast. The best Trail in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator is the Legendary Sonic Speed Trail.

You can purchase it from a vending machine for 8,000 rings, and you need to follow these steps in order to locate the machine:

Reach Level 25. Unlock your 1st Rebirth. Enter the Emerald Hill world. Approach the only Loop in Emerald Hill. Look for the vending machine on one of the hills nearby.

Once you are able to purchase the Legendary Sonic Speed Trail, you will get an additional 20 XP and 10 rings to aid in leveling fast.

Collect Gems and Rings

Now you can start to level up fast at the most intense speed by collecting gems and rings that are available in the Green Valley zone.

Follow this path to collect the most XP:

Collect all gems and rings on all bridges and tunnels. Collect all gems and rings on all five Loops. Collect all XP rings, including: Blue: 1,000 XP Yellow: 1,500 XP Purple: 1,750 XP Red: 2,150 XP

Once you complete collecting all gems and rings, you can go back to the spawn point, and you will notice that all gems and rings respawn at that point. You can repeat this cycle over and over again as many times as you need to level up fast through its high XP gains.

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That’s all you need to know on how to level up fast in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.