Our guide will provide you with both generations of Tyn Tailed spirit locations in Roblox Shindo Life. You will also learn about the requirements for these boss fights, tips on how to beat them, and what types of rewards you will get by the end.

Tyn Tailed Spirit Locations in Roblox Shindo Life

Tyn Tailed Spirit Generation 1 Location

The first Tyn Tailed spirit sub-ability can be obtained only in the Dungeon mode of Roblox Shindo Life.

Players will be faced with 12 dungeons to choose from, and in this case you must choose the last one “Tyn Stone Dungeon”. This Tyn Tailed spirit can drop two stages of the sub-ability with varying drop rates.

The chance of dropping the stage one ability is 1/8, and stage two is 1/16. In addition to the sub-ability, players will be rewarded with the following items:

700 Rell Coins 4 Spins 420,000 Ryo 3,500,000 XP

But not all players can enter the Tyn Stone Dungeon, as it requires you to be at Level 1,000 and have at least 5,000 Ninjutsu, as well as 10,000,000 Ryo. This requirement is based on the spirit boss fight that you will face, who is at Level 1,500 and has 1,500,000 HP.

The boss fight starts at Wave 16, and here are the best move sets against it:

Shindai Ren Sand Worm Spirit Shindai Akuma Clone

Once the boss is defeated, and you get lucky by getting the Tyn Tailed Spirit Generation 1 sub-ability, then you will gain the following bonuses when activated:

Chi: +3,000 Ninjutsu: +2,850 Taijutsu: +3,250 HP: +2,900

Tyn Tailed Spirit Generation 2 Location

Generation 2 sub-ability can be obtained after defeating the boss of Vinland, one of fifteen villages in Shindo Life.

Just like village arena, the boss fight takes place outside the village on the cliff. The drop chance of the sub-ability is even lower than that of Generation 1 at only 1/25 on stage one, while stage two has the drop rate of 1/40.

This Tyn Tailed Spirit boss has the same amount of HP as the first one, but he is Level 3,000, which does increase the difficulty significantly. However, the requirement to enter the fight is the same as with the first boss.

Here are the most essential tips on how to beat this boss:

Up to three players can attack the spirit boss. Start dodging when it performs the Roar attack, and move in once it’s over. When the spirit drops Tailed Spirit Bomb, make one of your teammates take on the damage from this targeted attack while the rest of you flank it from behind. Step back when it performs the Tail Sweep attack, since it covers a wide range.

Tyn Tailed Spirit Generation 2 sub-ability allows players to fly by spending lots of stamina. They can also create a black shield that knocks back any and all enemies that come into contact with it.

Here is the list of attacks that become available once the Generation 2 sub-ability is activated:

Z (Stage 1): Summon eight black orbs. Z (Stage 2): Summon Tyn Tailed Spirit. Use it for riding or flying. Q (Stage 1): Dashing spike attack. Q (Stage 2): Dashing sword attack. E (Stage 1): Summon Tyn Tailed Spirit. Use it for firing lasers. E (Stage 2): Summon eight black orbs.

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