Our guide will help you find the Sengoku boss location in Roblox Shindo Life, as well as provide you with tips on how to beat this powerful foe. Note that you need to be on a relatively high level to be able to fight Sengoku, so try to reach at least Lv. 1000 before starting this fight.

Sengoku Boss Location in Roblox Shindo Life

The Sengoku boss scroll can be found inside a small chapel on a pedestal in the southern part of the Jejunes Village (yellow zone on the map). Just walk along outside the left part of the main wall, and you should see it soon enough.

The scroll will have a countdown, so as soon as it ends, you can interact with it and start the fight with the Sengoku boss.

Sengoku is a Lv. 2000 boss and he has a great deal of HP. Killing him requires a lot of patience and precise shots.

Here is the list of the recommended moves to deal with Sengoku:

Iron Style: Iron Fist (Apollo-Sand Bloodline) Tsunami Style: Shark Imprisonment (Tsunami Bloodline) Dokei Style: Reality Drive (Xeno-Dokei Bloodline)

You can trick Sengoku by moving out of the fight zone, which ends right behind the second archway. Sengoku will never follow you beyond it, so you can use it to heal and prepare for another attack.

First, use Iron Style: Iron Fist, which creates a wave of iron spikes the protrude from the ground. Be patient and launch the spikes once Sengoku is relatively close to you.

Then, follow up with Tsunami Style: Shark Imprisonment. This is an AoE attack that creates a water area full of sharks that swim around, damaging all enemies.

Lastly, finish him off with Dokei Style: Reality Drive, which can stun Sengoku. Use this to get really close to him and deal a lot of damage. You might have to repeat these steps a few time in order to reduce his health pool to zero.

Once Sengoku is defeated, there is a small chance for him to drop the infamous Sengoku Stage 3 mode, which can be activated only after you achieve Lv. 1500.

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