The door can be found in the starting area of the game between the Science Shop and the Rebirth area. The door is locked with three keys, which are three artifacts that you must find in order to unlock it.

Roblox Science Simulator: How to Unlock the Secret Door

The three artifacts are well hidden in the starting area, so here are their exact locations.

Roblox Science Simulator Artifact One Location

The green crystal is the easiest one, as it can be seen behind the Science Shop near a large boulder.

Just walk up to the crystal and stand on it for activation. Once this is done you can move to the second one.

Roblox Science Simulator Artifact Two Location

The second one is a lot trickier to get. Follow these steps to get it:

Approach the Frozen Lake in the main area Locate a large green bottle behind the houses at the lake Jump on top of the bottle Use the bottle as a trampoline to jump on top of a snowy hill behind it Look at the clouds hovering over the mountains

You should see the red crystal on one of the clouds, which you can easily jump over to from the snowy hills.

Roblox Science Simulator Artifact Three Location

The last artifact is hidden behind the snowy hills. Just keep walking up the hills in the opposite direction from the red crystal.

Once you reach the two portals you need to jump over the other side of the hills. The blue star should be visible at the foot of the hills.

Since you can’t go back, you need to restart the game at this point, but your artifacts will stay with you.

As soon as you respawn, approach the Secret Door and enter the Christmas World map.

That’s all you need to know on how to enter the Secret Door in Roblox Science Simulator. For more Roblox tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

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