Players have been able to earn limited-time halos during events since 2018, and a special few have only found their way into the hands of some especially lucky players. You can seek them out for trade on Traderie or Trading Hub, but the cost can be astronomical.

Roblox Royale High: S-Tier Halos

Halloween Halo 2019

Owned by: 872 users Price: 7,000,000 Diamonds

The most expensive and rarest halo in Roblox Royale High was first introduced during the Halloween 2019 event, which also gave its winners the “Whispering Spirits” badge.

This one boasts sparkly purple light and a tiny ghost floating around it. Although you can’t customize this one, it is currently the most in-demand accessory on the market.

Valentine’s Halo 2020

Owned by: 2,021 users Price: 6,000,000 Diamonds

Last year’s Valentine’s Halo is still in higher demand than this year’s due to its scarcity first, and fluffy pink design second.

Some Royale High players consider this accessory even better than the Halloween one from 2019 due to its stable market position.

Autumn Halo 2019

Owned by: 1,332 users Price: 5,200,000 Diamonds

This is the only Autumn-themed finery in the game, as people would usually focus on Halloween events instead. This is the main reason why this one is still so expensive.

The demand for this one is extremely high, which will make the price grow even further in 2022.

A-Tier Halos

Winter Halo 2019

Owned by: 1,707 users Price: 5,000,000 Diamonds

This one is a favorite of many Royale High players. Although there have been many other Winter ornamentations over the years, this one keeps the price and demand high due to its unusual design.

Glimmering Light Halo

Owned by: 8,084 users Price: 4,400,000 Diamonds

Older adornments like this one don’t do really well on the market, but Glimmering Light Halo is the very first one in Roblox Royale High.

Although its price has been experiencing some fluctuations, it’s still one of the most in-demand accessories in the game.

Mermaid Halo 2019

Owned by: 4,711 users Price: 4,200,000 Diamonds

Currently. there are three Mermaid halos in Roblox Royale High, and all of them are gorgeous. This first one released in 2019 is still considered the best and has the highest value.

Valentine’s Halo 2021

Owned by: 6,154 users Price: 3,600,000 Diamonds

Here is the first customizable adornment on our list, and even though the demand for this item is lower than the 2020 version, it still holds a rather stable position on the market.

There are three versions of the Valentine’s Halo 2021:

With customized hearts, flourishes, and bows With ruffles and wings on floating hearts With the added central halo

B-Tier Halos

Easter Halo 2019

Owned by: 2,341 users Price: 3,200,000 Diamonds

Even though this Easter-themed accessory is the only one in the entire Royale High roster, it currently has a rather low demand.

You can still find it online for a decent price, but don’t expect it to get any higher than it already is.

Corrupt Halo

Owned by: 7,958 users Price: 2,500,000 Diamonds

This is one of the oldest such accessories in the game, released back in 2018. Not that many people want it anymore, even with the charmingly-dark design that makes it stand apart from the rest of the halos in the game.

Lucky Halo 2021

Owned by: 8,184 users Price: 2,200,000 Diamonds

The latest Lucky variety had a huge demand at launch, but it’s taken no time for its value to decrease.

The only thing that really keeps this thing from going down even further are its two customizable features:

Clovers, chains, and the sun Clouds with patterns

Winter Halo 2021

Owned by: 3,000+ users Price: $1,400,000

Here is the newest addition to the Royale High halo roster, which was introduced during the Christmas 2021 event.

Initially, it got a pretty high value on the market, but pretty soon the market was oversaturated with the new Winter accessories and it fell down drastically both in price and demand.

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And there you have it. Those are the best halos for 2022 in Roblox Royale High. If you’re lucky enough, perhaps you’ll nab one for yourself off of the marketplace, becoming the envy of all your friends. For more tier list guides and other Roblox-related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.