There are four big steps in total that you must complete in order to get the sword, so just follow them all in their intended sequence.

Get a Godlike Exclusive Dance

The event begins with a short dancing conquest, which you can enter by following these steps:

Go to the “Dances” tab in the main menu Select “Dance Settings” option Click on “Buy More Dances”

This will bring you to the Dance Shop located on the street of Robeats. Interact with the dance machine inside the shop and execute the following sequence of moves:

Up -> Up -> Down -> Down -> Left -> Right -> Left -> Right -> B -> A

It’s easy, and as soon as you’re done you will be rewarded with the Godlike Exclusive dance.

Play Four Songs

The next quest involves playing four songs in a row. You can do this by following these steps:

Go to the “Play” tab in the main menu Select “All My Songs” option

There use the search feature to find the following four songs:

Roblox Anthem (“Here We Go”) Crab Rave Wither Monday Night Monsters (Hard)

You need to listen to these songs in this exact sequence until the very end.

Enter the Elevator

Once you’re done with the songs you need to equip your character with three exact items before moving forward in this event. You can purchase all three pieces at the Gear Shop. These items are:

Onii’s Heart Blade Xana’s Street Shades Gamer’s Expensive Suit

After that go to the Leaderboards office and enter the elevator. You should see the RB Battles icon inside the elevator. This indicates that you’ve successfully completed all the tasks.

In case you don’t see the icon you will need to play the Monday Night Monsters (Hard) song repeatedly until the RB Battles icon appears inside the elevator.

Claim the DJ’s Sword of Agility

When the icon finally appears, you can switch on the elevator, which will take you to the top floor with a platform on it.

On top of the platform you’ll see the DJ’s Sword of Agility. You need to interact with it in order to claim it for yourself.

That’s all you need to know in order to get the DJ’s Sword of Agility in Roblox Robeats. For more Roblox tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

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