This guide will focus on the best stands tier list for Roblox Project Star. You can try and get the best ones, but you will have to open many stand arrows if you want to get them. Hopefully you will get a few other good ones that aren’t as rare as you try.

Roblox Project Star: S-Tier Stands

Prime Star Platinum

Defense: 60 Rarity: 0. 25%

Prime Star is hands down the best stand in Project Star. Besides his unbearable Ora Barrage hit combo, he can spot enemies with the Enhanced Eyesight ability. He can also skip or even stop time for 5 seconds.

This is more than enough to adjust your position and deal lethal damage as it fits you in the moment.

The World

Defense: 55-65 Rarity: 0. 20%

The World is the only equally strong stand to Prime Star. Many of their abilities are the same, including Time Skip and Time Stop.

However, The World can also use Knife Rampage ability when the time stops for 10 seconds, which is twice as long as that of Star Platinum’s.

A-Tier Stands


Defense: 0 Rarity: 3. 00%

If you like slashing enemies with various quick sword moves, then Anubis is the right stand to get.

Since it is just an animated sword, it has no defenses whatsoever. That doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself. It has the Untouchable skill, which can counter almost any attack imposed on Anubis.

Magicians Red

Defense: 25 Rarity: 5. 00%

This stand has some of the strongest ranged fire damage in the game.

Use his Crossfire Hurricane or Fireball Barrage abilities to deal with one or several enemies at a time by setting them on fire.

There is also an AoE attack that targets one enemy, but then explodes into many burning particles hitting everything in the close vicinity.

Death Thirteen

Defense: 10 Rarity: 5. 00%

This stand has an excellent Slash Barrage combo attack with a series of powerful hits, but his main power stays in the unique Sleep Wave ability, which can stun an enemy for 5 seconds.

This ability can be compared to Prime Star’s and The World’s Time Stop, providing the similar kind of advantage during the fights.

B-Tier Stands


Defense: 15 Rarity: 3. 00%

Cream is a powerful creature that resides in The Void, thus many of his abilities use its source of power.

You can use his Void Surprise and Void Dash attacks to teleport to enemies, take a position behind their backs and execute a totally unexpected attack.

There is also a possibility to completely mess with the enemies by entering The Void, which turns the screen black for ten seconds and deals damage.


Defense: 5 Rarity: 20. 00%

Emperor is a gun stand with five movesets and one cycle mode. The latter one is especially interesting, as it allows you to switch between various bullet types, including normal, ricochet, and tracking.

This allows you to deal with several targets at once without spending time aiming at each and every one of them. Just let the ricochet and tracking bullets do the job for you.


Defense: 0-5 Rarity: 6. 00%

Freezing abilities can be quite useful in certain scenarios, and Horus is the master of icy manipulations.

You can smash a single target with a block of ice or many with the hailstorm ability. If you also want your enemies to stay frozen, then use his Ice Web and Ice Age moves.

Each of these also deal 15 and 30 points of damage respectively, and you’ve got a few seconds to reposition while your enemies stay frozen.

Those are the best stands in Roblox Project Star. For more tier list guides and other Roblox related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.