This guide will list all the best quirks in Roblox Project Hero, as well as all of their respective moves. Note that you can get all these quirks from Dr. Mid Groody The Fruity at the quirk lab.

Roblox Project Hero: S-Tier Quirks

Half Hot Half Cold Quirk

This quirk combines the power of both cold and hot elements, which allows players to generate freezing effects emanating from the right side of their body and burning effects from their left side.

The flexibility of this quirk makes it the best in the game, as you can use it in various situations to your advantage.

All Half Hot Half Cold quirk moves:

Z - Ice Spike X - Ice Slide C - Ice Floor V - Hell Shot B - Flame Pillar

Muscle Augmentation Quirk

This is another super flexible power that allows players to influence several of their most important stats, such as physical strength, speed of movement, and durability.

With the help of this quirk you can manipulate the size of your muscles to a point where they become extreme, and at the same time, generating super power.

All Muscle Augmentation quirk moves:

Z - Shockwave Punch X - Augmentation C - Ground Smash V - Augmentation Leap B - Leaping Smash

A-Tier Quirks

One For All Quirk

This is one of the more unusual quirks in Roblox Project Hero, but it has great potential. Just like the name of it suggests, you can transfer this quirk to other players, which can be a great tool for team play.

Before being able to send this quirk to another player, you must first take in a piece of their DNA, which could be either a drop of blood or some hair. Once this is done, you can freely distribute the quirk between allies.

All One For All quirk moves:

Z - Deleware Smash X - Detriot Smash C - One For All Leap V - Full Cowling B - Manchester Smash N - St Louis Smash E - Vanishing Drive R - Delaware Smash Air Force T - One Million Percent Smash

Explosion Quirk

If you like to blow things up and use fire element in an AoE fashion, then Explosion will be your favorite quirk.

It offers four different types of explosions depending on the range and power. But beware, if you use it too much, your character will end up exhausted.

All Explosion quirk moves:

Z - Explosion Surge X - Explosion Jet C - Explosion Rush V - AP Shot

Hell Flame Quirk

This is a similar quirk to Explosion, but in this case players can also cover their body in flames and even use fire in melee combat, which can be great tactics against any of the freezing attacks.

All Hell Flame quirk moves:

Z - Flashfire Fist X - Jet Burn C - Flame Explosion V - Volley B - Purgatory

B-Tier Quirks

Acid Quirk

Although acid burns don’t hurt as much as fire ones, this quirk can still do some damage.

But the real value of this quirk lies in the ability to control the levels of acidity. For example, you can use it as a mere liquid to be able to slide around, increasing the speed of your movement.

All Acid quirk moves:

Z - Acid Spit X - Acid Slide C - Burn Barrage V - Acid Venom

Electricity Quirk

While acid can be used for both damage and mobility, electricity can be used not only for offensive purposes, but also the defensive ones.

Players can create special electric barriers around themselves that will protect them from any damage. If enemies try to touch the barrier, they will be temporarily paralyzed.

All Electricity quirk moves:

Z - Electric Bullet X - Electric Stomp C - Electrification Beast V - 1 Million Volt Electrification Releasae B - Electric Flash

Leech Quirk

This may not be the best quirk in the game, but it has its merits. Use it to drain life and stamina from your opponents, which can be quite devastating to them in the end.

This quirk also has some of the shortest cooldown times, which makes it a reasonable investment.

All Leech quirk moves:

Z - Steal Health X - Steal Stamina C - Equalize Health V - Switch Leech

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