This guide will showcase a tier list of the best characters in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense. You will also learn about their prices, types of placement, and recommended weapons for each of these characters.

Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense: S-Tier Characters


Price: $3,000. Type: Cliff.

Hitman may not be good against a group of enemies, but when you need to focus on a single target, then there is no better option. Don’t let the cost of this character scare you away. He’s worth every penny.

At the same time, he will also make you your money back, because all of his kills are paid by the contract, and he will not stop until he kills the target.

Recommended weapons for Hitman.

Brutal Headhunter. Prototype.


Price: $1,200 Type: Ground

In case you need to deal with multiple ground targets, then Pro would be the best choice due to his advanced targeting options.

Pro can be a long-standing defender that can eliminate all the mobs up to Wave 10. The only hiccup is that he’s not well-suited to fight shielded enemies. But with the right type of weapons, Pro is almost unbeatable.

Recommended weapons for Pro.

Golden Friend. Crystal Laser Cannon.

A-Tier Characters

Lag Switcher

Price: $650 Type: Ground

Lag Switcher is a character with a twist. He acts like he’s unable to do anything on the field, but once enemies approach him, he unleashes all his power.

He can be very strong with the right weapons, but if you give him something that he can’t use too well, then this may seem like a bad choice. In reality, this is one very good defender.

Recommended weapons for Lag Switcher.

Exterminator. Armageddon.

Kill Stealer

Price: $850. Type: Ground.

This character has a very narrow area of application: finishing off enemies with low HP. This means that Kill Stealer is excellent as a finisher, who comes in and defeats a stronger enemy or a boss, such as Brutes or Slashers — but weak elsewhere. The choice of weaponry also plays a huge role, just as with Lag Switcher.

Recommended weapons for Kill Stealer.

Golden Friend. Automatic Peacemaker.

B-Tier Characters


Price: $1,050. Type: Ground.

Just like the name suggests, Meleer is a melee type that uses a knife. Obviously, his range and damage output are much lower than those of other characters, but what really makes him valuable is the ability to detect camouflaged enemies, which can be a saving grace for new players.

Recommended weapons for Meleer.

Knight Sword.


Price: $5,250. Type: Ground.

Exploiter is the most expensive character in the game, and it makes him quite undesirable. However, he has access to aimbot and firerate exploit, which make the game so much easier.

Exploiter also has the highest rate of fire amongst all other characters, so save him for some emergency situations.

Recommended weapons for Exploiter.

Automatic Peacemaker. Grenade Launcher.


Price: Free. Type: Ground.

Of all the free characters in the game, this Noob is actually one of the better characters. Sure, his stats will never be as good as those of the pay-to-win characters, but if you just started out, then Noob is a decent choice.

If you compare Noob to Spammer, another free character, then it becomes clear that Noob’s range and damage win over Spammer’s similar stats.

But as soon as you make some money, quickly switch to another character that can do much more, even if it’s Camper, who is the cheapest character in the game.

Recommended weapons for Noob.

Pixel Gun. Bone Crusher.

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Those are the best characters in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.