There are six treasure chests in total of different colors, but each contains the same amount of $5,000. If you find them all, then you will have a hefty sum of $30,000 by the end of the game.

All Treasure Chests in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon

Treasure Chest #1 (Orange)

The first chest is the easiest one, as you don’t need a boat or any other transport to get it.

Just leave your base through the western bridge and turn left to an adjacent island. The chest can be found up on the hill indicated by an orange marker on the map above.

Treasure Chest #2 (Blue)

All other chests will require you to buy a boat, so do it as soon as you can.

Then, travel to the area between the two smaller islands next to your base, and you will find the chest under the water at the location indicated by the blue marker.

You will have to wait a bit for the chest to show up on the surface of the water, so you can open it up and claim your money.

Treasure Chest #3 (Black)

The third chest is one of the hardest to get in the game, as it cannot be seen on the surface.

You will have to take your boat to the southern bridge and stop right at one of its supporting pillars indicated by the black marker on the map.

Once you’re there, you need to attach your boat to it as close as possible. Then, just hop out of your boat and jump right inside the pillar. Don’t worry, you won’t hit the wall and fall down into the water as the pillar has an illusory wall. You will jump right through it.

Once you’re inside the pillar, it will be too dark to see. You have to move around until you see the interact icon appear on the screen. Then, you need to press the “E” key. This will open the third chest.

Treasure Chest #4 (Green)

Now, take your boat north of the base to one of the two islands. The one you’re looking for is indicated by the green marker.

Once you land on the island, take a spiral route up to the very top and drop into a dirt hole on the hill. You should see the dig icon appear on the screen, which you need to activate by pressing the “E” key.

This may take a while, but when you’re finished digging, the fourth chest will be in your hands.

Treasure Chest #5 (Red)

Right after the green chest you can hop into your boat and move eastwards to the volcano island indicated by the red marker.

There you need to get to the very top of the volcano and look into the crater. You will see that the red chest is floating on top of a lava pool.

Since you can’t touch lava, you need to make the jump right on top of the chest. This may take a few attempts, but once you’re there, you can interact with the chest to get all the money and jump back to the rim of the volcano.

Treasure Chest #6 (Yellow)

The final chest is located on the northwestern island indicated by the yellow marker. The only difficulty of getting there is the distance, which is the farthest one from the base.

This tiny desert island can be easily reached by boat off the western coast. All you need to do is land on the island and you will see the chest sitting half buried in the sand.

Interact with the chest and take your reward.

That’s all you need to know about all treasure chest locations in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon. If you want to know more, then check out other Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

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