You don’t need to visit all nine islands to complete the game, you actually only need to go to six of them. Just visit them in the order they are listed below and quite soon you will be able to reach the maximum Level 500.

Roblox Nok Piece: How to Level Up Fast

Bandit Island

You start off on a Bandit Island full of bandits. Pick up your first quest from the Bandit (Lv. 1-15) standing in the center of the island.

After fighting a number of bandits and reaching Level 15, you need to speak to Blue Hair Pirate (Lv. 15-25) on the western part of the island. Then you can fight him on the arena nearby.

After beating the Blue Hair Pirate, head towards the northern docks and speak to Boat Spawner. At this point you should have at least the 1,000 Beli needed to be able to purchase the Sail Boat from him.

You should also buy your first sword from the seller on the island. It will help you greatly in dealing with enemies.

Clown Island

Take your ship in the northeastern direction until you reach the Clown Island. As soon as you arrive, walk up to a gentleman in a black suit on the shore and set your new spawn by interacting with him. Do this each time you arrive on a new island.

Then, walk to the eastern part of the island and speak to Clown Pirate (Lv. 25-50). Defeat all the pirates in the center of the island and speak to Clown Captain (Lv. 50-75) standing on the opposite side of the street. Defeat the captain in the battle and go back to the docks. 

Fishman Island

Take your boat to the east of the Clown Island until you arrive at the Fishman Island.

Speak to Fishman Pirate (Lv. 75-100) and defeat all pirates on the island. Then, speak to Fishman Captain (Lv. 100-150) standing next to a wall that protects the mansion.

Enter the courtyard and beat Fishman Captain in a duel. This fight is much harder than previous ones, so be sure that you purchase at least an uncommon DevilFruit, such as Hito Hito.

Marine Island

Go back to Clown Island, but don’t stop there, just keep sailing in the southwestern direction until you reach the Marine Island.

Speak to Marine (Lv. 150-200) hiding behind the houses in the eastern part of the island, then fight all the marines required by the quest.

Once this is done, go up the hill and speak to Smokeman (Lv. 200-250) standing next to a mansion and prepare for the duel in the courtyard.

Restaurant Island

After the duel, take your ship in the eastern direction until you reach the Restaurant Island.

Speak to the Chef Pirate (Lv. 250-300) on the first level and fight all the chef pirates on the island.

Then, move up to the second level and speak to Golden Armour Pirate (Lv. 300-350) and beat him in a duel.

Finally, go to the very top level and speak to Blackleg Chef (Lv. 350-400), then beat him in another duel.

Desert Island

Your final destination is located to the northwest of the Restaurant Island. It’s easy to identify, as this is the largest island in the game and it has two huge desert pyramids on top.

Once you get there, speak to Mr. Bomb (Lv. 400-500) standing at the house near the docks. This combined quest will require you to beat all the pirates on the island and defeat Mr. Bomb himself in the duel.

This is the hardest fight in the game, so by this moment, you need a rare DevilFruit, such as Mera Mera, Pika Pika, or Hie Hie.

Once this quest is finished you should reach the maximum Level 500.

That’s all you need to know on how to level up fast in Roblox Nok Piece. Check out more Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

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