This Roblox Last Pirates guide will provide you with an easy step-by-step walkthrough on how to level up fast in Roblox Last Pirates and beat the game as quickly as possible, all while reaching the maximum level of 400.

How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Last Pirates

First Island

Here, you need to complete two quests:

Bandit (Lv:1) Pirates (Lv:15)

Both quests can be found on the message board at spawn. Both require you to kill mobs on opposite sides of the island.

Do these quests one by one, and you should get the following rewards:

700 XP and $300 2,000 XP and $500

When these quests are done, go to the docks and interact with the Spawn Boat shop. Purchase the Pirate Ship for $1,000.

Bagy Island

Take your ship to the island, called Bagy Island, off of the west coast. Find the message board on the coast, but don’t pick up any quests yet.

Go to the right of the message board and purchase a Cutlass from a vendor for $1,000. Then, go back and pick up the Bagy Pirates (Lv:30) quest from the message board on the coast.

Kill all Bagy Island pirates with your new weapon and earn 4,000 XP and $1,500.

Revolutionary Island

After defeating Bagy Island pirates, go back to your ship and sail to the island off of the east coast of the starting island.

Once you arrive, pick up the Revolutionary Troop (Lv:50) quest from the message board. 

Kill all the troops on the island, earning 6,500 XP and $2,500. Then, get back to your ship.

Marine Island

Now, sail off the east coast of the Revolutionary Island to find Marine Island. Find the message board at the very end of the opposite side of the island, and pick up two quests:

Marine (Lv:100) Marine Boss (Lv:150)

The first quest asks you to kill five marines roaming the island for a reward of 10,000 XP and $4,500.

The Marine Boss can be found inside the island palace, protected by the tall walls. You can’t miss it, but the fight can be quite hard. The best set of moves against him are Gura Gura No Mi.

Once you beat Marine Boss, you will earn 15,000 XP and $6,000.

Desert Island

After the boss, go to the opposite side of the Marine Island, and purchase a Katana for $3,000 from a vendor at the dock. Then, sail off the west coast to the Desert Island.

In the center of the island, pick up the Desert Bandit (Lv:200) quest off the message board. Use your newly acquired Katana to kill all the bandits across the bridge and earn 20,000 XP and $7,500.

Snow Island

Sail from the west coast of the Desert Island, and arrive at the island covered in snow. Right at the dock, there is a message board with the Yeti Boss (Lv:250) quest. Pick it up and go to the center of the ice lake to fight this yeti.

This quest will reward you with 27,000 XP and $10,000.

Cyborg Island

After defeating Yeti, sail from the east coast of Snow Island, and you should arrive at one of the biggest islands in the game.

Walk along the western beach of the island until you reach the message board. Pick up the fight against the Cyborg (Lv:300) for a reward of 30,000 XP and $17,000.

Admiral Island

Finally, you can get to the last island in the game, which can be found west of the Cyborg Island, just past the Snow Island.

Pick up the Rear Admiral (Lv:370) quest from the message board at the docks and start killing all the Admiral bosses on the island.

Once again, Gura Gura No Mi should be sufficient enough to beat them all. Alternatively, you can use Quake and Light moves.

Once this quest is over, you will get 70,000 XP and $25,000. You should also be at the maximum level of 400.

That’s all you need to know on how to level up fast in Roblox Last Pirates. Check out more Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

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