This Roblox guide will list all swords and their locations in Roblox Last Pirates, including their prices and abilities/perks. Note that some of the swords will require more than just a hefty sum of money. Additionally, bosses drop some of these swords, so keep an eye out.

All Swords Locations in Roblox Last Pirates

Cutlass Location

Price: $30,000

You can purchase the Cutlass from a vendor on Carnival Island, which is located southeast of the spawn island.

The Cutlass has a maximum damage of 417.5 points. It also has the Wind Cross ability, which allows you to deal 780 ranged damage.

Katana Location

Price: $100,000

You can purchase this one-sided Katana blade on Justica Isle, which is located southwest of the main island.

The Katana’s base damage is the same as the Cutlass’, but the ranged damage of the Wind Slice ability deals 1,140 points of damage.

Bisento I Location

Price: $1,000,000

There are two Bisento swords in the Last Pirates. You can buy the first one on Banadian Isle, which is located northeast of the starter island.

This sword has two abilities: Slash and Dual Slash. The first ability is great for ranged damage, but it has a long cooldown. The second ability has a short cooldown, but also shorter range.

Bisento II Location

Price: $1,000,000 + Gura Fruit + Bisento I

You can find the second version of the Bisento sword in Snow Town, which is located in the southernmost part of the map.

The max base damage of the Bisento II is 567.5 points. It has two extra abilities, as well: Air Force and Air Shockwave. Air Force deals 1,148 damage, and Air Shockwave deals 980 damage.

Saber Location

Price: $2,000,000 + Saber Crystal

Just like Bisento I, you can purchase this legendary sword on Banadian Isle. Your character must be at least Level 800 before you can purchase Saber, however.

This sword has two abilities: Devil Unleash and Demon Slice. Devil Unleash deals highly precise strikes with huge hitboxes, and Demon Slice has long-range with a short cooldown.

Shusui Location

Price: Kill Tree Boss

This is the third sword you can get on Banadian Isle. You must beat the main boss of the area, who has a 20% chance to drop Aura, which can be used to exchange for the sword.

Shusui also has two modes: Devil Slash and Demonic Slash. Both moves deal 1,148 points of damage. The difference is that Devil Slash is a long-range slash, while Demonic Slash is a circular attack.

Pole Location

Price: $3,000,000 + Goro Fruit

You can purchase this unusual sword on Sky Island. However, you can also get it by defeating the God of Thunder boss, who has 5% chance to drop Pole.

There are also two modes with this weapon: Thunder Struck and Dragon Roar. Thunder Struck has shorter range, dealing 930 points of damage, Dragon Roar has longer range, dealing 1,250 damage.

Yoru Location

Price: 1,000 Robux

Yoru, also known as Black Blade, is the only sword in Last Pirates that can be purchased for Robux in the game shop.

This powerful sword has the following modes: Flash Slash and Hellish Slash. The first one deals a series of 15 fast cuts, where each cut deals 182.5 damage, while the second one performs one long-range cut, dealing 1,150 damage.

Unobtainable Swords

There is also a number of swords that are available in the game but are currently unobtainable, including:

Halloween Sword Scythe Cutlass Soul Soul Blade

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Those are all swords locations in Roblox Last Pirates. For more guides and other Roblox-related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.