Each quirk has it’s own difficulty level. While some quirks allow you to simply spam attacks, others will require you to make decisions and choose the right time for both offensive and defensive moves. In either case, below you will find the list of quirks with their nominal difficulty levels.

Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum S-Tier Quirks


Difficulty: Normal

Explosion is the most balanced and powerful quirk in the game that is not too hard to use.

It has two close combat moves, such as Explosion and Stun Grenade. The first one creates a huge explosion that deals a lot of damage as the name suggests, while the second one simply stuns enemies.

The midrange move is called Grenadier Shot, which sends a volley of explosives at enemies. But the best one is the Blast Rush move that allows you to cover a huge distance, grab your enemy and hit them with a powerful explosion.

It’s a great quirk for both PvE and PvP modes, so be sure to purchase this one as soon as you can.


Difficulty: Hard

Hardening is by far the best defensive quirk in Hero’s Ultimatum that also has some unique offensive moves.

The three defensive moves are Harden, Hardening Mastery, and Red Riot Unbreakable. The first two increase your defensive and offensive stats, but the third one basically makes you invincible, although it does have a long cooldown.

The two offensive moves are Red Stomp and Red Gauntlet. Both act like short range AoE attacks that deal some decent damage.

This quirk is indispensable in PvP mode, but do be careful when using the Red Riot Unbreakable move.

Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum A-Tier Quirks


Difficulty: Easy

Quick teleportation and an ability to go through walls can be your best friends in Hero’s Ultimatum.

The basic Permeate move makes you invincible to enemy attacks for a short period of time. You can use it to dodge heavy attacks and just chill.

The Uppercut move is where things get exciting, as it allows you to hit your opponents from the depths of the underground without them even noticing.

Lastly, if you need to escape big explosions or a volley of attacks, then just use the Underground Travel move to leave the hot zone through the crust of the earth.

Shock Absorption

Difficulty: Hard

Shock Absorption is an excellent alternative to Hardening. It provides similar defensive moves, but Hardening is still the superior one.

The basic Absorb move simple absorbs damage received during battles, diminishing their effect.

The two other moves are Shock Release and Shock Underground that work in a similar fashion. They absorb enemy hits and accumulate their power, which you can release in a single heavy blow afterwards.

Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum B-Tier Quirks


Difficulty: Hard

Now it’s time for the weird but powerful ones.

Erasure is a very unique quirk that can be of great help in certain builds.

It has two moves that remove opponent quirks. The basic Erase ability removes the single-target quirk, while the Unfocused Erase does the same to all enemy quirks. The effects last while you have stamina in your pool.

In the right hands Erasure can become the most powerful tool, but it is difficult to master and requires lots of practice.


Difficulty: Normal

Decay is not as hard as Erasure, but it offers a very unusual set of skills that are all based on DOT (Damage Over Time).

The three moves of the Decay quirk cover either a single target, a certain area, or a line. All three moves inflict the DOT damage that consistently deals equal amounts of damage to enemies within the chosen area.

By no means make Decay your main quirk, but it’s very strong as an additional damage dealer.


Difficulty: Hard

The final quirk worth checking out is Copy, which copies the quirks of other players.

You can copy up to three different moves of different quirks, which provide you with a lot of flexibility. You can apply various movesets depending on your position in the battles.

The only drawback is that using this quirk may be a lot harder than it seems, as you need to make decisions all the time instead of just spamming random attacks.

These are the best quirks in Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum, and be sure to come back soon for more Roblox related articles here at GameSkinny.

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