Our guide will help you find all secrets of Castle Grayskull in Roblox He-Man Sim. All of them are interconnected, so just follow the steps listed below, and soon you should have them revealed.

Secrets of Castle Grayskull in Roblox He-Man Sim

The Eldress Statue

The very first secret can be unlocked right after you enter Castle Grayskull. You will see the Eldress Statue right in front of you, justbefore you enter the Supreme Power Chamber Ignition Pit.

Here’s what you need to do to be able to get the Eldress achievement:

Interact with the Eldress Statue. Select to continue touching it. Once it crumbles to pieces, interact with it again. Leave the statue once you’re told that you should leave.

Castle Grayskull Paintings

The second secret to unlock is the three paintings that hide other paintings inside. These secret paintings are revealed once you interact with the original Nebula paintings.

Here’s how you can find all of them:

Stand in front of the Eldress Statue. Turn to your right. Jump over the giant skeleton arm that serves as a bridge to another zone. The first painting can be seen right in front, as you enter the new location. The second painting can be seen to the left of the first one. The third painting is right above the first one (on the second floor).

Secret Bathroom

The final and biggest secret in Roblox He-Man Sim is the Castle Grayskull bathroom.

You can find the entrance to the secret zone by following these steps:

Climb the highest set of stairs above the third secret painting. Look to your left and you should see a set of stairs with a portal. Use platforms to jump over to this portal. Interact with the portal by selecting “Inspect Mysterious Energy”. Once asked about the Moonlight Knight, answer: Habeo. Once asked about the Chalice of Foelse, answer: Ire. Once asked about Ran Tali, answer: Latrina.

Now you have the password to enter the secret Castle Grayskull bathroom, which is: Habeo Ire Latrina.

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