Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get jewels and kirbinite in Roblox He-Man Sim. Both jewels and kirbinite serve as in-game currencies, which can be used to purchase new characters, skins, gear, and other items.

How to Get Jewels and Kirbinite in Roblox He-Man Sim

Complete Quests

There are two types of quests in Roblox He-Man Sim that come from two sources:

Quests from quest boards Quests from NPCs

Quest boards can be found at the start of each zone. You can easily find these giant blackboards that offer a number of daily quests.

Typically you get four quests per day, but you can pay 50 Robux and refresh these quests for a new batch.

Quest boards are rather simple and are the easiest way to make money in Roblox He-Man Sim. If you complete all daily quests on a single board, you will make at least 650 Gems and 50 Kirbinite.

Then, you can start speaking to NPCs, which can be found in the Castle Grayskull area. They will give you quests and reward you generously once these quests are complete.

Open Treasure Chests

Treasure chests usually contain only the jewels, and you can find most of them in the Castle Grayskull.

Many chests can be found near the NPCs you talk to about the quests, but others can be found in the siderooms of various castle zones.

There is also a reward for taking a Sky Sled, but you need to be at least Level 30 to be able to use it.

Unlock Achievements

Finally, you can get even more jewels by unlocking achievements. Here is a list of all available achievements in the game:

Art Connoisseur: Interact with the works of art inside Castle Grayskull. Open Door Policy: Enter a bathroom in Castle Grayskull. Python Professor: Win a battle on the PvP map Snake Mountain Sacrificial Chamber. Communicate With The Past: Interact with the statue of the Eldress inside Castle Grayskull. Master of the Sky: Take at least one Sky Sled.

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That’s all you need to know on how to get jewels and kirbinite in Roblox He-Man Sim. For more guides and other Roblox-related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.