Our guide will provide you with tips on how to level up fast in Roblox Grand Pirates, and beat every single quest in this fantastic new game. Simply follow all the steps below, and soon you will reach the max Level 400.

How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Grand Pirates

Foosha Village (1+)

You begin your journey on the starter island at the Foosha Village. The first NPC you need to talk to is Luffo, who can be found right at spawn. He will ask you to beat the bandits on the island. Accept it and beat the bandits, which should make you level up fast to Level 15.

Then, find Marco and accept to beat swordsman bandits. Grind those enemies up until you reach Level 40. You can also go to the top of the hill and fight the two bosses, but they may be a bit too hard for you at this point.

Shells Town (40+)

After reaching Level 40, go to the pier and speak to Boat Seller. Purchase the only boat you can afford at this time, and then talk to Justin standing nearby, who will send you to the Marine Island.

Once you’re on the island, set your spawn point by interacting with the spawn NPC, and then go speak to Cobz, who will ask you to beat the corrupted marines. Grind those marines until you reach Level 70.

After that, go upstairs and speak to Josh, who will ask you to beat swordsman marines. Grind those enemies until you reach Level 85.

Finally, you can speak to Zorro, who is captured on the top of the island. He will ask you to beat the boss of the island, who is Level 100. If you can’t beat him, then simply keep grinding marines until you reach Level 100. It’s dirty work, but doing it this way does make you level up fast.

Orange Town (100+)

The next island will bring you to the Orange Town, where you need to speak to Boodlo, who will ask you to beat Bobby Clowns. Do this until you reach Level 130.

Then, speak to Pore and fight Bobby Pirates until you reach Level 145. Lastly, speak to Zori and defeat the boss of the island Buggy le Clown. This should help you reach Level 160.

Monkey Island (160+)

Once you arrive at the Monkey Island, speak to Ray, who will ask you to beat the local monkeys. Do this until you reach Level 175.

After that, speak to Kid to get another quest and beat more apes until you reach Level 190.

Finally, speak to Mihawko, who will offer you to defeat the Monkey King boss. This battle will ensure that you get to Level 220.

Syrup Island (220+)

In the following island, you need to speak to Ussoap and beat pirates until you reach Level 250.

Your next NPC is Mornino, asking you to beat a group of evil marines. You can do this all the way to Level 265.

Lastly, speak to Kaya and defeat the Kure boss, who will grant you Level 280.

Baratie Island (280+)

As soon as you arrive, go ahead and talk to Sanjo, who will ask you to beat some evil chefs. This quest will help you reach Level 310.

After that, speak to Gino and defeat all the enemies on the shipwreck right next to this island. By the end of this quest you should be at Level 350.

Yeti Island (350+)

At the final island, speak to Lili, who will ask you to beat some yetis. This quest will help you reach Level 370.

The very last quest you get is from Gregor, which also involves fighting high-level Yeti Island enemies, and getting you that sweet Level 400.

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That’s all you need to know on how to level up fast in Roblox Grand Pirates. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.