Our guide will provide you with all swords locations in Roblox Grand Pirates, as well as their prices and level requirements. You will also learn which moves all three swords possess.

All Swords Locations in Roblox Grand Pirates


Price: 1,000 Gold

Katana brings the one-hand sword technique, which is the starting point for all the Roblox Grand Pirates players.

You can purchase this sword from a Katana seller on the first island at the Foosha Village.

Katana has the following moves:

[X]: Shinshin Sonson [Z]: Pound Ho

The first one allows you to quickly dash forward and strike, while the second one fires an energy projectile.

Dual Katana

Price: 22,500 Gold

The dual sword technique comes with the Dual Katana sword, which can be bought from the Dual Katana seller on the shore of the Monkey Island, which is located to the south of the starter island.

Be sure to level up a bit, as you will be able to use dual swords only once you reach Level 100+.

Dual Katana has the following move set:

[X]: Dash [Z]: Tower Climb

Dash is very similar to Shinshin Sonson, but with two swords instead of one, while the second move allows you to jump high into the air and land with a blast.

Third Katana

Price: 48,000 Gold

The final technique allows players to wield three Katana swords at once, which can be achieved only at the end of the game, once you get to Level 350+.

The third Katana seller can be found at the bridge of the Yeti Island, which is located in the southwestern part of the world, between Marine Island and Monkey Island.

Here are the moves of the Third Katana:

[X]: Dragon Twister [Z]: Onigiri

The first move creates a twister that destroys everything it touches, and the second one performs a powerful twist with three swords slashing all at once.

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