In addition to magic, you have access to six different races and some melee weapons as well. The most important stat is Snap Control, which determines the speed of spell casting, making a difference between victory and loss.

Roblox Snap Magic Tier List

S-Tier Magic


Wind magic is the best due to its versatility in both offensive and defensive moves.

Tornado Fang and Towering Tornado can be used to block attacks and deflect damage back at your enemies. The Towering Tornado is especially good at breaking other players’ combos, as it simply builds a wall in front of them, rendering their moves useless.

Blade Shower is another great move that has the ability to stun enemies. It’s also one of the fastest attacks in the game and is incredibly hard to dodge. Players who want to master this move need to stand as close as possible to their targets, because it further increases the chance of a stun. This makes it an excellent move for both PvP and PvE.


Light is very similar in function to Wind. It also has great offensive and defensive moves.

The best offensive move within this snap magic is Light Blades. It deals no less damage than the Wind magic.

Light Beam provides you with a lot of control over the direction of your damage. You can be surgically precise when it comes to hitboxes, which makes this such a great tool in any mode. It also has a very short cooldown time.

Light Rain is best when it comes to disrupting other players’ magic moves. It’s just super efficient and fast at breaking combos. If anyone is trying to get you with a melee weapon, then Light Rain can also serve as a protective shield.

A-Tier Magic


This is the newest magic that has been added to the game just recently. While it shows some good results, many players are having some trouble wielding it properly.

For example, the Ice Wall move is good for trapping other players, but it can become an enemy onto itself when it traps its own caster. You really need to choose the correct positions for this specific move, which is not something you think about when summoning walls otherwise. But when it’s done right, it does provide some of the best protection in the game.

The next best move is Ice Age, which sends an icy steam that freezes and stuns enemies for a short time. But that is more than enough to hit them with something else and deal a lot of damage. It’s a great set up for any combo you might have up your sleeve.


Dark is one of the best offensive magic options in Era of Althea, although it can be hard to use.

The best example of the need to master this magic is the Striking Dark move that has so much potential, when all that damage rains down on enemies. But it will take some time before you can squeeze out all the damage that it offers due to difficult hitboxes.

On the other hand, there is the Dark Bombs move that easily deals massive amounts of damage by sending out a volley of hot melty bombs. It is especially good in PvP with some devastating effects once your enemy gets stunned.


Water magic is the definition of a functional magic that can be used to a good extent, if you have no other options.

Raging Water move is quite good in its own right in that it shoots many droplets that hit enemies like a rain of bullets. It is very hard to dodge unless you have wings that simply allow you to fly out of their damage area. Water Shot is another similar move, but its damage output isn’t as high.

Severing Wave and Water Wall are two similar moves that each function as offensive and defensive moves respectively. Both of them do their job, but in comparison to Light magic, these two lose quite a bit in terms of damage absorption.

B-Tier Magic


Here is an example of snap magic that is the least popular in the Era of Althea community. The reason is that the hitbox of the fire projectiles is so obscure that hitting anything or anyone precisely can be a real chore.

Fire Blast move is your typical fire projectile that is probably the most frustrating. It can hit your target with decent amount of damage, but you need to be able to aim it really well.

Wildfire and Hell Rain are two similar moves, but in different configurations of many fire projectiles being shot at the same time. The problem with these moves is that they hit quite randomly and you never know for sure if they will hit your targets or not.

These are the best snap magic moves in Roblox Era of Althea. Also, be sure to check out more Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

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