This guide will show you all the breathing trainer locations in Roblox Demon Fall. Once you unlock any of the five breathing styles, you will have to invest 3 skill points for each new upgrade of your chosen style.

All Breathing Trainers Locations in Roblox Demon Fall

Thunder Breath Trainer Location

Thunder breath is a great style if you want to make your sword deal electric damage. This means that your hits will not only have higher damage, but also stun enemies for a longer time.

This breathing style can be acquired from Kujima, who resides in the Coast Forest in the southern part of the map.

Water Breath Trainer Location

This style will allow you to guardbreak your enemies using a special Whirlpool attack. It also adds 15% to your breath bar with each hit, which basically makes your breathing last much longer.

This style is taught by Urokodaki, the second trainer located in the Coast Forest.

Fire Breath Trainer Location

The Fire breath or Flame breath is really powerful. It makes all enemies burn when they get hit by your sword, dealing passive damage.

The Rengoku attack is especially powerful, creating an explosion of fire that engulfs all enemies within its area of effect.

You can learn this style from a trainer named Rengoku, who can be located on the White Peak east of Coast Forest.

Wind Breath Trainer Location

If you want to walk and move faster during battles, then Wind breath is a must-have.

This style includes the infamous Wind Typhon attack that makes your character spin and create a whirlwind that functions like an AoE attack.

You can learn this style from Grimm, a trainer that lives in Okuyia Village to the west of Coast Forest.

Mist Breath Trainer Location

Teleportation can be a great skill to have, especially when you need to attack your enemies from behind.

Mist breathing style has the Sea of Clouds and Haze ability that does that and more.

This style can be acquired from the Tokito trainer at the Frosty Forest in the northeastern part of the map.

Those are all breathing trainers locations in Roblox Demon Fall. For more Roblox related articles check out our dedicated hub page.

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