The lower tiers can be obtained earlier in the game, but ultimately you want to get the best Void classes that become available at the endgame. We’ll go into how to unlock them all.

Roblox Critical Legends: S-Tier Classes

Void Scythe

This class, also known as Void Harvester or Corrupted Reaper, is currently holding the crown of the best class in Critical Legends.

The reason is that each attack of Void Scythe heals you for 4.25% of your max damage. This means that your character, even being heavily damaged, can quickly restore HP with a single series of precise strikes.

On top of that, your Void weapon can also spawn one or more Void Orbs that deal a lot of damage (500% - 1000% of your basic damage).

You can unlock this class by using Void Ticket on Scythe class.

Immortal Sword

This class is quite similar to Void Scythe, but instead of healing on your own, your attacks drain the health of enemies, which depends on how much damage you are able to deal.

In addition to life drain, Immortal Sword can also restore your mana pool, which may be even more useful in some cases. There is also a high chance of getting a 150% bonus to all your attacks.

This class can be unlocked by following these steps:

Use Drago’s Knife, Bloodrayne’s Knife, and Jack’s Knife as your passives Unlock Combo Sword Tier 1 at the Statue of the Swordman Use Void Ticket Speak to Blubb at Blubb’s Castle Obtain Eternal Flame from the Void Eye

You can find the Void Eye in the Void, located between the Blubb’s Castle and Skeleton King’s Tower.

A-Tier Classes

Star Slayer

If you’re looking for pure physical DPS class, then this evolution of Longsword class is the best.

Your attacks will spawn special orbs that will boost your damage by 17.5%. The orbs also deal damage that equals 50% of your base damage. Altogether this can add up to some serious melee attacks.

In order to unlock Star Slayer class you need to use Star Fragment on Ocean’s Blade class. You can get Star Fragment at the Mystical Urn after defeating Challenger boss.

Awakened Dragon Brawler

The evolved version of Dragon Brawler, also known as Awakened, has a powerful combo that can serve you well when done right.

The combo produces an aura that significantly increases your levels of damage and speed. Follow these tips to activate the combo:

Perform a series of attacks to charge the aura gauge A successful attack produces one point of charged meter Once the gauge is full, release the aura

This class can be obtained by using Void Ticket on Dragon Brawler class.

B-Tier Classes

Solar Eclipse Great Sword

This class is very similar in design to Star Slayer, in that it also produces special orbs that boost your physical damage.

The reason why it’s one tier below is that obtaining this class is a bit harder, which does bring a few complications. But if you follow these steps, then you can unlock it as well:

Unlock Luna by using Moon Shard on Elementalist class Switch to Great Sword class Use 100 Sun fragment Switch to Luna class again Reach the center of the Sky Island

Time Warden

While Void classes deal the most damage, but magic classes like Time Warden have plenty of tricks under their sleeves.

Time Warden combines all the best elements of the previous classes, such as healing on attack, damage boost, burst damage, etc. The reason why its lower on the score board is the multiplier, which is much lower than in all the classes mentioned above.

But other than that it’s a solid class, which can be easily obtained using Time Fragment on Nature’s Staff class.

Master Programmer

Most classes in Critical Legends focus on dealing as much damage as possible, but Master Programmer is designed to debuff the attacking power of your enemies.

This can be done using the Virus ability, which decreases the enemy’s power with each of your successful hits.

You can unlock this class by using Training Codes as your passives and attacking enemies with Programmer class.

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Those are the best classes in Roblox Critical Legends. For more tier list guides and other Roblox-related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.