Our guide will provide you with all chest locations in Roblox Critical Legends. But do note that some chests become available only after you reach a certain level, so don’t expect to find them in the early game.

All Chest Locations in Roblox Critical Legends

Spawn Chest Locations

Punch — On the boat right of spawn. Pickaxe — At the stairs in front of spawn. Metal Plate — On the roof of a shack behind apple tree left of spawn. Beta Factory — On the roof of a shack left of Legit Shop. Beta Ticket — Inside Legit Shop.

Primis Field Chest Locations

Rage Scroll — Under the apple tree in the first left turn. Sharpener Rock — Inside Cave 1 in the first right turn upstairs. Burning Leaf — Inside Cave 1, turn left and reach purple hell portal at the end. Turn left on the other side of the portal, walk across a long bridge, and look out for a chest at the rocks to your right in the lava. Travelling Boots — Right outside the Cave 1.

Thyrus Wood Chest Locations

Hunting Dagger — The first chest at the entrance of Thyrus Wood. Icy Shield — Under the apple tree in the first left turn. Venom Scroll — South of the Arsenal shop. Campfire Wood — In the southern part of the wood, right next to a large campfire.

Flower Fields Chest Locations

Sun Fragment — At the black platform in front of the Flower Fields. Honeycomb — In the center of the Flower Fields. Honeyshield — At the northern wall of the Flower Fields. Queen’s Soul — At the southern wall of the fields right next to Queen Bee.

Slime King’s Chest Locations

Barrage — Behind the tree at the northern part of the Slime King’s Forest. King’s Crown — At the eastern wall of the Slime King’s Forest. Slime Jar — In the southeastern corner of the forest. Self Heal Scroll — In the southwestern corner of the forest. Ignite Scroll — Right outside the Cave 2, near the crates.

Punky Sky Chest Locations

Force Field — Walk the long stairs up to the Trading Place from the southern edge of the Slime King’s Forest. Take a boat to Punky Sky island. Search for a chest on top of the house with crates at its walls, right of Arsenal shop. Dark Burn Scroll — Across the bridge left of Arsenal shop at one of the large pillars. Blood to Mana Scroll — Behind the last house left of Potion shop.

Snowy Caps Chest Locations

Ice Rose — Take a boat to Snowy Caps from the Punky Sky isle’s pierce. Search for a chest at the southern wall, right of the spawn boat. Blizzard in a Bottle — At the bottom of the pillar holding the pierce of the spawn boat, one tier below. Self Freeze — Across the bridge, another tier below.

Evergreen Chest Locations

Chaos Strike Scroll — Inside Cave 3, on the rocks in between the bridges. Use a few Haste potions to be able to get there. Group Heal Scroll — Outside of Cave 3 at the right border wall. Mana Scroll — At the northern border wall.

Forest Chest Locations

Virus — At the northern part of the Forest, next to Blubb’s Castle. Mini Tree — At the eastern edge of the Forest, right across the bridge. Gravity Islands — At the southeastern edge, on the upper platform, close to Skeleton King’s Tower. Heart Fruit — In the center of the Forest. Tiki Torch — At the southern edge of the forest, on the seashore.

The Void Chest Location (Level 100)

Soul Drain — Enter the Void in the eastern edge of the forest after reaching Level 100. Turn left outside the portal and use Haste potion on the ledge in order to reach a lone rock with the chest.

Heroes Cavern Chest Location (Level 125)

Soul in a Bottle — Enter the Heroes Cavern by jumping through a narrow hole at the center of the Slime King’s Forest once you reach Level 125. Search for a chest on the top pillar of a dark platform left of Arsenal shop, using a Moon potion. Shadow Fruit — Keep moving southwards and search for a chest behind the final platform.

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Those are all chest locations in Roblox Critical Legends. For more guides and other Roblox-related articles, check out our dedicated hub page.