Our guide will provide you with some of the best builds for Roblox Critical Expedition, including the locations of the chosen items and their crafting recipes.

It’s hard to say which class is the best as they are all quite different. But it does seem Warrior and Mage have an edge over the other options.

Best Warrior Build

Passives: Rune of Flames, Order Armor, Flame Rune Armor Actives: Ignite Scroll, Golden Apple x5, Healing Scroll

This Warrior build is based around fire damage, which is also self-damaging. The trade-off being that you end up dealing far more damage than you end up taking from it. You can also always heal up using some of the active healing items, which makes the use of this extremely powerful build almost harmless to you.

Rune of Flames is responsible for most of the physical and burn damage with a 17% chance of inflicting a self-burn upon hitting a token. This item can be crafted using Burning Torch (found at Initus Bay) and Empty Rune (drops from Prince Slime).

Order Armor will keep you alive providing you with 650 HP, 350 armor, and 100 defense points. It can be crafted using Broken Order Armor (from The Higherlands) and Prince Plate Armor that has the following crafting recipe:

1 Metal Plate 1 Prince Slime Core, 5 Prince Slime Gel

The two passive items combined will give you Flame Rune Armor, which has overall stats of 750 HP, 500 armor, and 150 defense points.

Best Mage Build

Passives: Slime Prince Crown, Shadow Prince Crown, Order Armor Actives: Healing Scroll, Blizzard Scroll, Shield of Magic

This build is focused entirely on magic power and mana generation, so its physical damage will suffer a bit. Luckily it’s still got plenty of defense to keep you from exploding under most physical damage.

Shadow Prince Crown is the main passive item in this build, which grants you bonus 315 magic and 350 mana points. It can be obtained after defeating Shadow Prince Slime during its boss raid.

Slime Prince Crown is not as strong, but it is still an essential Mage class item with extra 100 magic and 200 defense points. This item can be obtained after defeating Prince Slime at Initus Bay.

Order Armor is required to keep you protected from the physical damage. The crafting recipe can be seen in the section above.

Best Boxer Build

Passives: Flame Rune Armor, Order Armor, Slime Prince Crown Actives: Healing Scroll, Ignite Scroll, Shield of Magic

Boxer is a class that is capable of combining both the fire power and the physical damage of the Warrior with the magical abilities of the Mage.

Order Armor and Slime Prince Crown mainly provide your class with defenses and magic boosters, while the main star of the build is Flame Rune Armor, which can be crafted by combining Rune of Flames and Order Armor.

Besides the most optimal active items for healing and magic casting you will also need the Ignite Scroll, which uses 33% of your magic power to deal damage, as well as burn your enemies in the form of a fireball.

Ignite Scroll has a 5 second cooldown time, and it can be found at the Initus Bay.

Best Kunai Build

Passives: Sharpener Rock, Order Armor, Slime Prince Crown Actives: Healing Scroll, Ignite Scroll, Blizzard Scroll

Kunai is a special kind of class that specializes in poisoning enemies. There is even a special gauge added to the HUD for this class that indicates the level of poison damage.

This is a great base for another hybrid build that combines fire and ice magic damage with poison. The healing and defense items are almost the same as before.

One of the most important passive items for this build is the Sharpener Rock, which increases critical hit chance by 20%. With the combined power of the three types of damage every fifth strike will be able to one-shot a typical hostile mob and deal an almost lethal damage to any raid boss.

Sharpener Rock can be obtained inside the Sonus Cave. As soon as you spawn, enter the nearest entrance and look to your right for this special item.

Hopefully, these Critical Expedition builds will help you dominate the raids in Roblox. Check out more Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

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