This exclusive character is available only to players who have registered before Christmas. Unfortunately, new players who registered after will not be able to use Kovegu yet. But he will appear once again some time later this year.

How to Summon and Upgrade Kovegu

Kovegu is often compared to Mihawk, another 5-star character. While they are similar in many ways, Dragon Ball character would choose Kovegu because of his final upgrade that completely transforms him cosmetically into the famed anime character.

Kovegu can be considered a great tower unit, although it does take quite a bit of your inventory space. This means that you probably shouldn’t use him in solo and find a solid partner to share the inventory.

Another important thing to note before summoning Kovegu is his upgrade cost, which is quite steep. From the first deployment to the final upgrade it’ll take you $13,250 total, which is a huge sum of money. But since it’s an exclusive character, the price is justifiable.

Kovegu’s main ability is Cone, which is an AoE that appears as a bright blue beam of energy that gets wider and wider as you progress the character. The final upgrade adds another powerful ability.


In order to unlock Kovegu you must have Christmas Gift III, which you can evolve into Kovegu by summoning Vegeta and Goku. The placement costs $2,500 and the initial level will have the following stats:

Damage: 150 Range: 60 SPA: 6. 5

Upgrade 1

The first upgrade doesn’t change much except almost doubling up his base power. But it is an essential step towards his further upgrades that really push his limits forward.

The first upgrade will cost you $2,750 with the following stats:

Damage: 290 Range: 65 SPA: 6. 5

Upgrade 2

The second upgrade adds another layer of base damage making his Cone attack much more effective. The range gets wider as well but not significantly.

The second upgrade will cost you $3,500 with the following stats:

Damage: 440 Range: 70 SPA: 6. 5

Upgrade 3

The final upgrade is what you really want, as this is where Kovegu’s powerful AoE gets really dangerous. But this is not the only change, as he gets another ability and a complete cosmetic overhaul.

The new ability is Magical Dust, which is a much wider form of Cone that covers an entire area surrounding Kovegu.

Lastly, he transforms into Gogeta Super Saiyan version, which is just a nice touch for all Dragon Ball fans.

The third upgrade will cost you $4,500 with the following stats:

Damage: 640 Range: 80 SPA: 6. 5

That’s all you need to know on how to summon and upgrade Kovegu Gogeta in Roblox All Star Tower Defense. For more Roblox tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

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