Robinhood is one of the most popular zero commission trading applications for iPhone, and it has received a notable update today. As announced on the Robinhood Blog, the app has added new investment profiles, additional control and customization options, and more.

Robinhood says that the new investment profile feature helps you gain additional insight into your investing habits:

There’s also support for finding additional ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies in different categories that would mesh nicely with the rest of your portfolio.

Robinhood for iOS is also adding more control and customization options. With this update, you can now create and follow your own lists of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies you’re interested in.

For instance, you can create a list of stocks called “Need to Research” and set up notifications for things like price movements, breaking news, and events.

The company explains the changes:

You can download Robinhood for iOS from the App Store now for free. Robinhood says that these features are rolling out gradually over the coming days.

Lists like ETFs, Hospitality Stocks, and Bitcoin Family help you discover what’s available on Robinhood. Explore lists by searching in Robinhood, by tapping a category in your profile, or by finding them on stock and ETF pages.