Being a financial services company, the customer community of this app might have many questions and queries before and while they use the app. To solve problems of all sorts, the company has an appreciable, strong, and effective customer care service to address the needs of the customer.

Robinhood Customer Service

There are not single but multiple ways to get your problems solved and get your queries answered. The company has not left any left unturned in helping out its customers. The list of services provided by the company Robinhood is given below. Go through the list while pondering how to contact the customer service of Robinhood. The list is as follows:

Website: You can go to the link for customer support – http://robinhood. com/supportTwitter: The company solves and answers limited problems on Twitter at @AskRobinhood. Email: You can also mail your query to the email id support@robinhood. comIn-app services: The ‘Contact Us’ section in the app is sole to cater to its customers in case of any inconvenience.

Although the number of ways you can use the customer care service, the common Live Chat option is still not facilitated by the company. However, even after all these methods given above, your problem is still not solved. You can go to the unofficial forum, the Robinhood Reddit page, where you can take help from co-customers or co-users.

How To Contact The Customer Care Service Using The In-App Service?

Robinhood has quite an easy-to-use interface in the mobile application. The phone support provided in the app is like the icing on the cake. The company has announced a 24/7 phone service for its customers. Follow the given steps one by one to get your problems solved or questions addressed.

The steps are as follows:

Click on the person icon given at the bottom right corner of the page. Go on the three lines at the top right corner of the interface page of the app. This will open a pop-up menu having an option called ‘Help’. Click on that and then go to the ‘Contact Us’ option. There will be multiple sections having different queries. Select the one you want to get a solution for. Or if the problem is not stated there, you can also go on the ‘I have a different question’ option. Then choose one of the given options from email or phone as a way to be addressed.  You will be contacted by the company after this process.

The number you will get a call back from is  (650) 761-7789.

How To Contact The  Customer Care Using Web?

You can contact the customer service using the web too. Go through the steps given below carefully to know how to get your queries addressed and problems solved by customer service. The steps are as follows:

Go on the official website of Robinhood. Select the Accounts tab on the site. Go on the Help option. Select the Contact Us option. Select a question or topic that covers your problem or query. Go on PhoneRequest a phone call.

Various Trading Options At Robinhood

Robinhood aims to ‘invest for everyone’ and provides a very customer-friendly platform for the consumers to trade and invest. Robinhood has some game-like features like virtual lottery tickets to make trading more fun and easy for even beginners and novice traders. And hence Robinhood provides various trading options for its customers’ convenience. The various trading options provided for trading at Robinhood are as follows:


Does Robinhood have chat services?

There is no live chat service provided by Robinhood. However, they have some messages made that are delivered timely to the customers to keep them aware and informed. 

Can one customer have more than one account on Robinhood?

Robinhood allows only one account per customer. You can have only one account using your Social Security Number. Even if you have submitted a new application, you need to have access to your previous account. In case you have forgotten your password, you can change it.

How much time does it take for the transfer to go through?

It takes around 5 trading days to make the transfer from your bank account to Robinhood Brokerage Account.

Is Robinhood avail services outside the US?

No, for the time being, Robinhood is not available outside the US. Also, the company has no plan of extending its services and launching Robinhood outside anytime soon.